Droid X Alarm - Snooze doesn't work by touching screeSupport

  1. lincoln20

    lincoln20 New Member

    Hey all - picked up the Droid X about 3 weeks ago and rooted it.

    When the alarm goes off - the only way to snooze is to push the power button up top. If I push the screen on my droid, it says "snoozed", but it still continues to make noise/vibrate. My wife has a droid x also and hers says, "snoozed" and then it actually snoozes...works like it's supposed to.

    I have 2.1. Is there a way to load her alarm? Or a simpler fix?


    PS. I've checked the settings in the alarm and toggled things back and forth. This isn't an issue of not snoozing, because for all intents and purposes, the droid seems to think it's snoozing.

  2. ericnail

    ericnail Well-Known Member

    Hey Lincoln20,

    It's definitely not a settings issue. I personally have found "Alarm & Timer" to be very buggy on my DX.

    Let me ask you this, Do you have any task killers installed?

    AFAIK you can only remove the "Alarm & Timer" app and reinstall if you are rooted; But you mentioned that you are, so no problem there.
  3. reallykool

    reallykool Member

    alarm is buggy on my droid x too.

    Regardless of my settings, the alarm is always on vibrate. It will not play any mp3 or tone.

    btw I run 2.1 and do not run ATK.
  4. geno51

    geno51 Well-Known Member

    weird I have no issues with mine? everything works the way it should?

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