droid x back to 2.1 from leaked 2.2

  1. lolwut5

    lolwut5 Active Member

    so i installed the leaked 2.2 rom and i just want to know incase i have to revert back to 2.1 can i go into the bootstrap and just use the saved rom that was on the 2.1?

  2. Pointguard1122

    Pointguard1122 Well-Known Member

    I do not think that will work. You must SBF to get back to 2.1.
  3. Aggie12

    Aggie12 Well-Known Member

    This. You can't install a 2.1 recovery when using 2.2
  4. lolwut5

    lolwut5 Active Member

    how do i use the sbf? sorry im such a noob at this
  5. lolwut5

    lolwut5 Active Member

    thanks so much

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