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Droid X(Cricket) Media MessagingSupport

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  1. Dotevian

    Dotevian Member

    So I had to do a factory reset on my Droid X which was flashed to cricket because of google voice mail messing up my phone..After doing that and getting everything fixed my media messaging now does not work. Everything else does, Web,Wifi,3G,Gps,Calls,Text etc..Is there anyway to just flash the media messaging part of my phone to get that to work again? Cricket is trying to make me pay to reflash everything and I dont want to do that. Not trying to pay $50 to fix one part of my phone..Help??? Please and Thank You!

  2. Huawei Sean

    Huawei Sean Active Member

    My Droid X on Cricket is messed up from Google Voice also! How did you fix it? my DX wont receive calls and it goes straight to Google Voicemail.

    And I'm guessing your problem with the MMS is that it wasn't flashed right, my DX couldn't send pics either :(
  3. ylexot

    ylexot Well-Known Member

  4. Dotevian

    Dotevian Member

    you have to reset your whole phone and reprogram man..it sucks...only way i figured out how to fix it

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