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Droid X does Voice Dialing

  1. finaticmw

    finaticmw Active Member

    I pushed the dial button on my Motorola T505 bluetooth that is paired with my X and low and behold it launched voice dialing on the phone ash asked "say a command". I about fell over. It works well and now is hands free.

  2. lexluthor

    lexluthor Well-Known Member

    I tried that his morning as well. But, for me, the phone gave the instructions over the phone, not through the bluetooth. I assume I had to say the command into the phone as well.

    Is that way you saw too?
  3. finaticmw

    finaticmw Active Member

    My bluetooth transmits over my FM in the car and everything came through the stereo. The X is on a car mount so I'm not really sure where the voice is being picked up.

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