Droid X getting Gingerbread?

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  1. jake.hybrid

    jake.hybrid Well-Known Member

    When will you get a Gingerbread update? | Android Atlas - CNET Blogs

    So I just wanted to know if this really was true. A friend showed me this, and got me curious. I contemplated rooting my phone today, but this made me hold off.

    I have been reading about rooting my phone for the past few days and have been wondering, is it REALLY that worth it? Is it really that risky?

    Oh, and btw I finally registered here lol. First post, ftw. :)

    I didn't know if this applied to the root section of these forums or not, so I just stuck it here. Sorry, if I messed up.

  2. woodstorm

    woodstorm Well-Known Member

    Root man, root. There are no guarantees that the X will get gingerbread and maderstock makes it easy to revert to stock.
  3. jake.hybrid

    jake.hybrid Well-Known Member

    Thanks man, I plan to root tomorrow afternoon then.
  4. theineffablebob

    theineffablebob Well-Known Member

    The Droid X will be getting Gingerbread, we just don't know when.
  5. Turdbogls

    Turdbogls Well-Known Member

    I am guessing the X will get gingerbread....it is still to this day, the best android phone on Verizon and is still a big seller...if they dont update Moto will have a LOT of angry customers on thier hands.

    when we will get is is completely up to motorizon.

    but i would Root if i were you. just make a backup of the stock ROM right after you Root...this way you will be able to restore to stock, then take the OTA to gingerbread super easy. there are soo many benefits to rooting, that it would be silly not to do it.
  6. jake.hybrid

    jake.hybrid Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys. I just didn't know what to do. So if I backup my stock right after I root today, I should be fine? And by the way, what would the best way to go about rooting and backing up my DX? I have read the tutorials and all, but everything still seems a little vague... lol.
  7. foo

    foo Well-Known Member

    there are multiple ways to accomplish each task:

    'z4root' app to root your phone. 'droidx boostrapper' to create a nandroid backup. then you can load one of the few roms if you wish & have some fun with your phone :)
  8. WTF

    WTF Well-Known Member

    If you haven't seen it already, in the rooting section of the DX forum there is a thread on RoOoLeRs Guide - this is an excellent in-depth guide to rooting, overclocking and Roms. It helped me to do all that when I was finally ready to root.

    So glad I did now - I don't think you'll regret it at all...

  9. Turdbogls

    Turdbogls Well-Known Member

    Grab Z4 root from XDA (its not on the market) and tap a button and it will do it for you.

    then grab droid x bootstrap, bootstrap recovery, then reboot recovery, and make a backup of stock 2.3.340....
    as long as you dont delete any of the stock apps before you make the backup, you will be golden. you can flash back to that backup, grab the OTA and install it just like normal. this will loose Root, but you will be on the latest OTA which will get cracked fairly quickly hopefully.
  10. jake.hybrid

    jake.hybrid Well-Known Member

    Thanks you guys, I will do this when I get home today.
    And thanks for the tutorial as well.

    Any quick tips before I root? lol
  11. sdot_sd

    sdot_sd Active Member

    ALWAYS BACKUP. Number 1 tip for rooting. Can't be stressed enough.
  12. Hrethgir

    Hrethgir Well-Known Member

    I'm waiting until the next major update before I root. I came from a jailbroken iPhone, and even stock, I've been more than happy with my DX, had it for about 5 months now. I'm in no hurry to root, but since I think we are only getting one more major update, I'll wait until we get it, then not worry about it. but coming from the jailbreak community, I second sdot_sd: backup, backup backup! Very first thing you should do after rooting/jailbreaking! back that thang up so you can at least recover it back to stock easily if something doesn't work quite right! Save my butt once or twice on my iPhone!
  13. RWil85

    RWil85 Well-Known Member

    did anyone tell you to make a backup after you've rooted? haha
  14. Turdbogls

    Turdbogls Well-Known Member

    haha....the first thing you should do is make the stock backup. dont even think of doing anything else. dont delete apps, dont rename anything, dont do anything other than make a nandroid.

    then have some fun :)
  15. quickaudi

    quickaudi Well-Known Member Contributor

    boo, misleading post! can someone change the subject to reflect the contents?
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  16. skyshroud

    skyshroud Member

    "Soonish" according to P3Droid. :)
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  17. Wally World

    Wally World Well-Known Member

  18. Airmaxx23

    Airmaxx23 Well-Known Member

    I'll be holding off until someone is able to gain root access.
  19. bouchigo

    bouchigo Well-Known Member

    What he said ;)
  20. Raptor912

    Raptor912 Well-Known Member

    What they said ^^
  21. bbuck002

    bbuck002 Well-Known Member

  22. emaN resU

    emaN resU Well-Known Member

    Not me, I'm stupid like that! j/k I'm with them.
  23. mruno

    mruno Well-Known Member

    gingerbread? yea right!
  24. Droid Samurai

    Droid Samurai Well-Known Member

    Almost forgot about GB, won't believe it until i see it lol.
  25. JrzDroid

    JrzDroid Well-Known Member

    *begins holding breath*

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