Droid X getting Gingerbread?

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  1. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

  2. dabomb224

    dabomb224 Well-Known Member

    I remember reading the original P3Droid tweet that the article cites, and I don't know where they're getting the impression that release is imminent. All he said was that it was stable and that it was coming out "soonish".
  3. Thats

    Thats That guy is This VIP Member

    I vote Motorola keeps this stupidly blurred update and give us the keys to their bootloader.

    One can dream, can't he? :)
  4. mruno

    mruno Well-Known Member

  5. quickaudi

    quickaudi Well-Known Member Contributor

    big lulz
  6. gtixpress

    gtixpress Active Member

    I'd be suspicious with April Fools Day right around the corner..
  7. Martimus

    Martimus One bite at a time... Moderator

    The thing that makes me skeptical is that the rumor is indicating a release date thats the same as the release date for the WiFi-only XOOM tablet. There would be a lot going on for Motorola to micro-manage...
  8. Metfanant

    Metfanant Well-Known Member

    maderstcok.zip waiting and ready for when i see the posts saying that the GB update is rolling out...

    i personally WON'T be waiting for root...ill be updating...i've heard GOOD things about how GB runs on the X...i'll take the plunge...

    does that not get everyone hyped or what!?
  9. Droid Ninja

    Droid Ninja Well-Known Member

  10. SplicedX

    SplicedX Well-Known Member

    P3Droid is currently trying to find a way to root gingerbread for the X. Seems he's having trouble though. one clicks don't work. He needs all the help he can get.
  11. Metfanant

    Metfanant Well-Known Member

    it will happen eventually...hopefully he soon if the rumors of the OTA being pushed this weekend turn out to be true...

    i'll be updating to GingerBlur regardless of the fact that there is root or not...ive heard good things about how well GingerBlur is running on the X...
  12. SplicedX

    SplicedX Well-Known Member

    P3droid is running into problems finding a way to root gingerbread for us. One clicks have all failed. We all better brush up on our adb skills if root is achieved. ha ha.
  13. Metfanant

    Metfanant Well-Known Member

    i wouldn't even consider it to be "problems" yet...we have to give the Moto devs SOME credit and think they tried some sort of new tricks to block root access...

    if P3 is still working on it a month from now, and we all have GB installed on our phones...then its a problem...
  14. apavolka

    apavolka Well-Known Member

  15. apavolka

    apavolka Well-Known Member

    P3Droid: "Ok, I need ideas and solutions for rooting...it doesn't matter which device you have..submit them and help this get done"

    Hmmm. Not sounding good.
  16. JrzDroid

    JrzDroid Well-Known Member

    i've tweeted every type of root method I can think of at him
  17. Hrethgir

    Hrethgir Well-Known Member

    It will get rooted. Don't worry about it. Apple has been patching holes in iOS for 4 years to stop jailbreaking, and new holes are always found.
  18. biohazard989

    biohazard989 Active Member

    yeah not going to push up to 2.3 till root is achieved... depend on root too much to want just a newer version....
  19. Kevmueller

    Kevmueller Well-Known Member

    I agree I would rather have 2.2.340 rooted than 2.3 not rooted. While I am sure the developers will try 2.3 and get root, until they do there will be nothing we can do to make it better than what they push to us.

    However there is a lot going on with 2.3 so I have a feeling this will happen sooner than later.
  20. drhill

    drhill Well-Known Member

    Does Motorola supervise the guy at Staples as he rings up your Xoom? They are already done with the Xoom it is shipped out and their is most likely no overlap with any management or development between these products.

    I'm not saying I believe the Sunday rumor, but I see no reason why the Xoom would effect it either way.
  21. trophynuts

    trophynuts Well-Known Member

    how can you guys fully appreciate 2.3 rooted if you skip experiencing 2.3 unrooted? I will make the jump to stock 2.3 when it becomes available just to see all the changes. It will get rooted sooner or later.
  22. Turdbogls

    Turdbogls Well-Known Member

    as much as i am liking Apex 1.4.1, i think i will be jumping on GB ASAP. who knows where they got the sunday date from, but it came from somewhere....maybe a behind the scenes conversation between kellex and P3.
  23. Airmaxx23

    Airmaxx23 Well-Known Member

    For me there are just too many benefits with having a rooted phone versus not rooted.
  24. fonefreak

    fonefreak Well-Known Member

    Gingerbread is soooo last year. Ice cream sandwich has already been reported on.

    So I'm going to set my sights on Hot Fudge Sundae!

    (Maybe with Neopolitan ice cream - yummy!)
  25. trophynuts

    trophynuts Well-Known Member

    so basically your never moving forward...if your always going to be waiting on the next version

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