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  1. sefa_02

    sefa_02 New Member This Topic's Starter

    Dec 1, 2010
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    So I recently tried to install an apk on my captivate for the driod x keyboard. I realized after I installed the first apk (repackaged-signed.apk) it was for 2.1 Eclair OS and it just didn't work on my phone. I then tried to install the proper 2.2 Froyo compatible apk (LatinIME.apk) using AC Swim program on my computer and I get a failure saying the file already exists. I tried to remove the first apk through root explorer but can't seem to find the file (I installed the first apk through AC Swim program as well). Does anyone have any help or info for me on this? I got the LatinIME.apk file from this link...

    (updated 10/16/10 with how to ) Droid X multitouch keyboard 2.2 addition themed - xda-developers


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