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  1. xxsckarterxx

    xxsckarterxx New Member

    First off thanks for having a forum up so we can come and ask questions and get help. I dropped my droid x and the screen has black lines running cross and has gotten worse over the past couple days. Im assuming these are dead pixels I do not have insurance because when I updated online i didnt select insurance..bad deal on my part. How can I fix it. I have tried the jscreenfix app and no luck.. Can I buy the parts to do this or what. thanks in advance

  2. xxsckarterxx

    xxsckarterxx New Member

  3. Martimus

    Martimus One bite at a time... Moderator

  4. Metfanant

    Metfanant Well-Known Member

    i hate to say it but that really does sound like a hardware issue and either the phone needs to be replaced...or at least the screen...

    ive done the screen on a friend's Droid2 and it wasn't fun...i have never researched replacing the screen on the X though...
  5. Wpz2000

    Wpz2000 Well-Known Member

    You cracked the LCD. It needs to be replaced.

    There are videos out there (check youtube) showing how it is done. The part should be about $50. Shops will do it for a bit more.

    Lucky for you, the X is a lot 'easier' than the Droid 1 or 2 to open and swap parts. Any slider phone is guaranteed to be more difficult.


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