Droid X ssx 2.2 Reamp 3.0

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  1. zdarkcj

    zdarkcj New Member

    So I took The New SSX 2.2 Rom and edited it.

    1) aLogcat
    2)Android tethering (get 2.0.7 If you want it)
    3) PicFolder
    4) Chrome to Phone
    5)Google Voice
    6) Maps (get from market if you want it)
    7) Voice Search
    9) ADW Launcher
    10) Android Terminal
    11) Car Home Google
    12) DSP Manager
    13) File Manager
    14) News and weather
    15) Music
    16) Sound Recorder
    17) Talk
    18) Theme Manager
    19) Torch
    20) Voice Dialer

    1) Dolphin HD Explorer
    2) AndTorrent
    3) Tesla Flash Light
    4) Korn Get up Ringtone
    5) Rom Manager
    6) Root Explorer
    7) Titanium Back up
    Smoke Boot Animation
    (Smoked Glass Boot Animation - YouTube)
    Get ADW Launcher EX off of google
    Get Power AMP for a music player HEre
    Place on SD card
    Wipe Data & Cache
    Wipe Dalvik cache
    All This just for more speed Enjoy
    Must Atleast Have .602, If not SBF it.
    (Login -)
    SSX 2.2 ReAMP v3.0: HERE

    Try it out and tell me what you think.

  2. Coolguy71261

    Coolguy71261 Well-Known Member

    did you fix the wifi issue

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