Droid X to Evo ?

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  1. toeknee76

    toeknee76 Well-Known Member

    has anyone used both of these phones?
    i am considering leaving sprint and going with the droid x (since i'm officially addicted to a large screen).
    but my evo keeps dropping 3g service and i have to do battery pulls.
    i have taken the evo in for service and they claim to have "fixed" it, but it still drops 3g alot.

    is the droid x a good phone, or is the evo superior?
    i really like the evo, but it is just not being reliable anymore.


  2. twospirits

    twospirits AF's janitor Moderator

    I've used my sisters Droid X and except for the fact that it doesn't have 4G, I saw its equally as good. If the EVO is giving you bad 3G signals, then try out the Droid X. We can give you all the pros and cons of either device, but the final decision is yours alone.

    Good luck

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  3. Freespirit

    Freespirit Member

    The evo is the better phone. I had it for 3 months and now the X for 1 month. The X has the same problem with 3g dropping, along with other issues. I had no problem with the evo, just Sprint.
  4. toeknee76

    toeknee76 Well-Known Member

    good to know!
  5. BenChase7

    BenChase7 VIP Member VIP Member

    you may want to call Sprint and explain the situation youre in... specifically ask for retentions and let them know you may be leaving Sprint. I would bet you they will exchange your phone for a new EVO. Personally, I have never lost data or voice on my EVO.
  6. Palmetto Fellow

    Palmetto Fellow Well-Known Member

    Always choose your carrier first, then pick the phone that's best for you.

    Were you a Sprint customer before and did you experience any signal loss in the same places? If not, then it's probably the phone. If so, then it's probably Sprint's service.

    I love the EVO, but if Sprint didn't give me good coverage, i'd be with Verizon or AT&T.

    I've been with AT&T for 3+ years now, and wanted an Android phone that gets 3G coverage near my house. I never get AT&T 3G at home, and after looking at the coverage maps for both Verizon and Sprint, I knew I would be moving to CDMA.

    Verizon's plans were more than Sprint's (even with $10 surcharge for Sprint)...so I went with Sprint. After deciding that Sprint was a good choice...the EVO seemed to be the best phone for me.

    I also considered the BOOST Mobile Android phone, but none of the stores seemed to have it in stock. I didn't want to wait...and I wouldn't have 4G when I am in Charlotte...so I went with Sprint. Again, the carrier is more important than the phone IMHO.
  7. redninja

    redninja Well-Known Member

    If your other phones (sprint) had good coverage for you, then I would try flashing the radio with a different kernel before switching. I haven't done it, (havent needed to), but I have read that it will improve your radio reception.
  8. chilangoblanco

    chilangoblanco Well-Known Member

    Go with the Droid Incredible. It has most of the same specs as the EVO. Same processor and such I believe. I have the Incredible and I think it is superior to the X. Plus it looks better and isn't made by Motorola :D

    You'll find the Incredible to be a nice transition from the EVO.
  9. eieio

    eieio Well-Known Member

    I have both and the only pros I can think of for the Droid X is the battery life and it has a little bit less of the android quirks than the EVO..

    But if I had to choose it would be the EVO all day long..

    he Droid X is so slow compared to the EVO and reception issues on it has been annoying lately
  10. ExSaint

    ExSaint Well-Known Member

    NOOO!!! Do not go to the Dark side!!! Trust the Force!!! Sprint has better deals in service plans anyway. Verizon is way to expensive and service signal will be quite the same, at least where im at.
  11. Freespirit

    Freespirit Member

    The evo and X both have crappy battery life. They both last a few hours under moderate to heavy use unless you disable wireless, 4g and gps.
  12. Zumaki

    Zumaki Well-Known Member

    update prl? usually if i have any issues with radio/data, doing this fixes it.
  13. takirb

    takirb Well-Known Member

    My sis in law has the X, it felt pretty comfortable but also felt more cheaply made (prolly due to plastic buttons). She has worse battery issues than I do, but shes not an Android enthusiast and doesnt do much to tweak it. She doesnt have any reception complaints, and is overall satisfied but always states she likes my phn more. If it wasnt for having a smaller screen, I'd prefer the Incredible over the X. I just personally prefer the polished look/feel of HTC touch devices over Motorola's.

    First and foremost though, service/signal should be your #1 priority when choosing a phn that works for you.
  14. 0837s

    0837s Well-Known Member

    I had an Evo until Saturday. I ported back over to Verizon (where I came from in June) because of the horrible service that I was getting with Sprint. Another deciding factor was that I don't live near a service and repair center, so when the Evo died last Thursday, I was without a phone and Sprint wouldn't give me out of their store. I needed a phone that worked and Sprint had no way to get me one for almost a week, so I decided to leave them and go to Verizon again.

    I picked up the Incredible on a 1 year contract. Overall it is the same phone as the Evo, just missing a few key options- the large screen, 4g and front facing camera, the large screen being the option that I miss most. The quality of the Incredible is great! I looked at the X and it felt cheap and flimsy. The demo on the sales floor was missing one of the buttons on it already, so I can only imagine how they are going to hold up 1 year after purchase.

    I'm happy with my choice, but wish that VZW would come out with an Evo of its own, such as the Desire HD, but I don't see that happening for awhile. Oh well.
  15. SporkLover

    SporkLover Well-Known Member

    Go with the best carrier first! That said the x is a great phone, I prefer the evo's finish over the x. I would sorely miss sense (I don't care for replacement launchers).
  16. Thefoodman52

    Thefoodman52 Well-Known Member

    Have you tried.... (for approx. the 7500th time) Launcher Pro? :p

    Seriously though, I dropped sense as soon as was physically possible even when I got my first Hero since dropping my old Moment. I was kind of going, "Well this is pretty nifty..." when I first had my Hero. After the end of the first week, however, I was totally against it. It kept crashing on me (even on 1.5), it was starting to get REALLY slow after a day or so of up time, and it was just... not what I was looking for.

    Launcher Pro, not a hitch, whatsoever. It makes things MUCH better on low end Android phones (like the Hero), and works orgasmic miracles on high end Android phones (like the Evo). If you pay for the upgrade (it's pretty cheap, like... $4? Don't quote me on that), you get almost all of the sense-esque widgets if you're missing them, the ability to re-size widgets how you feel the need to, etc. etc. Also, Beautiful widgets takes care of the clock and toggle buttons.
    With that setup, you get the polish of the Sense launcher, minus the bog and crap that it brings with it.
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  17. SporkLover

    SporkLover Well-Known Member

    I've tried the alternative launchers, widgets, and apps. None work quite as integrated or as well as sense, IMHO. Searching for other widgets and programs that work almost as well and as polished as the sense offerings got old fast, especially since the only real gain was borderline speed gain, at a loss of stability. For the time I tried each of the other launchers plus widgets, I got more fc's than i can remember I've ever had on sense ( that wasn't user induced).

    Bottom line, sense works well enough, and carries a higher level of polish when compared to the alternatives (which usually cost money if you want the full versions and capabilities)
  18. Cleetis

    Cleetis Member

    I have used both and am a EVO user so I will try to be biased. I really do not like the UI on the X. I know the specs are close so it's your call. Before switching, go try an X. I know I'm not alone with this...
  19. toeknee76

    toeknee76 Well-Known Member

    i've tried all of this, and even took it to a sprint store to "fix" it. but that didnt work. i really do like the evo, but can't deal with losing signal every 5 min. i've been with sprint for 10 years, so its not like i'm trying to leave but i want a reliable phone. they were nice enough to let me out of my contract without term fees since i have had repeated problems lately. all i wanted them to do was send me a new phone, and i would then return the broken one. but they claim that is not possible. i have to go to a store to do this! i have been to the store several times and it is still not working so why should i have to go back? and yes, verizon is way overpriced! and why do their night and WE min stills tart @ 9:00....thats just crazy!
  20. tqlla

    tqlla Well-Known Member

    I lose data often too. It seems to happen when I drop out of 4G coverage, or if I switch the 4G radio from on to off
  21. ed12

    ed12 Active Member

    Might want to wait for Verizon's new data pricing plan that is supposedly cheaper to compete with ATT. Might want to wait for Verizon's LTE as well, i think that will penetrate buildings better than Sprint's 4G.

    I think you should go to the store and try to replace the EVO. The DroidX does not have a kickstand, and is physically longer (which probably isn't good considering how hard it is to press the EVO's menu buttons and power button with one hand already).
  22. droided1

    droided1 New Member

    Apologies mods, will try and be clearer this time.

    Im thinking about coming over to Sprint from Verizon to save a couple bucks, however im wondering about the evo. Id be coming from a droid x, but if it'd really be sort of a downgrade or anything, ill stick it out with Verizon until something better comes. Not too interested in the 3d so far. Thoughts on that, or would it really be too late into the life cycle of the evo? Thanks.
  23. TJC Funknuckle

    TJC Funknuckle Active Member

    Personally I think the Evo is still one of the top cells available. I haven't found much that this phone cant do and its still my go to electronics. I use it more than my laptop. The camera and video recorder are imo awesome, some of the best pics i have ever taken. even on 3g my phone rips downloading and have yet to run out of room by downloading apps. If i needed a phone right now it would be this one again and really dont see myself parting with it for years. I love new gadgets but for me this phone isnt top-able. yeah some phones might get quicker and resolution may get better but as of now this phone is an Idol.. hope that helps.
  24. droided1

    droided1 New Member

    Appreciate response. I've read elsewhere that rebates are going to become instant this weekend with sprint for evo. That's definitely a plus..
  25. Nabraham

    Nabraham Well-Known Member

    I get a day easily on my X...and that is with heavy use while i'm at work. Grant it I've flashed Apex 1.3.1 on it but it has awesome battery life.

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