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  1. jbeckman4965

    jbeckman4965 Member

    Don't see any with Droid X2. Purchased recently. It has turned itself off and on a few times, has locked out or said no access to camera or video camera, was typing a text message so keyboard was up and hit the bottom to black out phone so I would accidently call someone or hit another message waiting for response, and when I went back to hit (hit top button to re-light (I don't know the terms) the keyboard was there, no text message center and my apps were up at the top of the screen otu of location. I try back button, home button, and nothing happened. Had to turn off and back on to reset.

  2. hausrubenius

    hausrubenius New Member

    How do you sinc a droid x to a mac
  3. Hypo Luxa

    Hypo Luxa Well-Known Member

    Plug it in with a USB cable. No different than connecting to a PC..
  4. LindaS

    LindaS New Member

    Traded my HTC Thunderbolt for the Droid X2 because of better reception (something about the placement of antennae)...I'm concerned about the excessive times it completely shuts off...the first day I had it, I hadn't a clue...stopped at Verizon and they said all I had to do was remove the battery...well, now it's beginning to be a real pain. I've had to remove it so many times, I'm afraid I'll damage the battery. The red removal tab came loose the first week, so it's very difficult to remove. Do I need a new phone? new battery?
  5. Hypo Luxa

    Hypo Luxa Well-Known Member

    If it's doing it that many times, you might consider trying to get a replacement. X2s have a random reboot issue, but i haven't heard of them completely shutting off and requiring a battery pull to get it working again.
  6. flippy1974

    flippy1974 Well-Known Member

    mine and my wifes reboots all the time wake up in the morning just sitting on charge and the crash over night . the other day mine keep rebooting like 8 times in a row saying Motorola process failed i had to pull the battery . now my blue tooth is doing like my dx was doing after the update not wanting to connect and then after i manually connect it it will work for a while it starts disconnecting and connecting .
  7. Teegunn

    Teegunn Well-Known Member

    I don't really have much for issues with mine at all. Once in a blue moon it has rebooted after I have been using several apps (music player, navigation, etc) at the same time for an extended time. Never shut off in the middle of the night thankfully. I am rooted, supercharged, debloated, etc so that may help. My GF's dx on the other hand seems to reboot fairly often since it got the GB update. Several times she woke up late as it shut off in the middle of the the night and her alarm didn't go off. Not good so now she uses a backup alarm clock to be safe.
  8. vtxf3

    vtxf3 Member

    Having owned this phone a little over two weeks I have had to pull the battery after charging to get it to come on again 3 times. I guess this is called rebooting. After just putting a OB Defender on the phone yesterday this is a pain in the butt. Any cures for this problem?
  9. jbeckman4965

    jbeckman4965 Member

    Okay, so mine was turning on and off, had to go to gingerbread keyboard, on and off status started becoming on then take back off take out battery, replace, the screen display locked up/froze, and the back became extremely hot (to even hold or touch)...finally had verizon do a whole reboot/master reboot, froze on them immediately after. Sent a replacement - low an behold only 3 months after purchase I get a "certifed pre-owned replacement"...which I bitch about, but to no success.

    Loaded it up/turned it on as the replacement, did all updates via motorola site through USB port/computer, updates via verizon, and now off and on again, freezing, sometimes when you "waken" the screen it starts to darken slightly like it is going go sleep and you can't touch the screen to wake it completely, must turn off and on. Then the screen sometimes locks, or becomes minature of the screen size. Says I have no sd card, turn off and on, take battery out, reinstall sd card, still doesn't read. Finally turns itself off, comes back on, says sd card is bad and needs to reformat and I loose everything. and I didn't even take the time to add many apps back to the damned phone. Syncing to my ford is iffy - sometimes it comes on, sometimes not registering. And it didn't do my backup assist correctly from the last phone, and I got a really horrible threatening text from a number of someone I THOUGHT I WAS TEXTED - frightening.

    Back to verizon, they call it in, they check it, gonna send me yet another certified pre owned replacement (cause those are better checked then the ones you buy at the store originally). Verizon said to bring to store to turn on, which I plan to do Saturday (cause what life could I possible have). WHAT ARE MY OPTIONS - If this doesn't work - I WANT THE MONEY BACK I PAID FOR THE DAMN THING and to try another phone!!>>?????
    Anyone??? Does the 14 days count if it is a replacement?
  10. Babalookan

    Babalookan New Member

    The first button my phone quit working, the settings button. It's the button with the four squares and the upper left is colored in. anyone else have this problem with theirs?
  11. Wizard Prang

    Wizard Prang Well-Known Member

    If you got your phone new, it should still be under warranty. If you are having a hardware issue, take it into a store.

    If it is a software issue (freezing/FC/rebooting), try updating to 2.3.5 and see if that helps.

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