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  1. John58543

    John58543 Well-Known Member

  2. badgers0048

    badgers0048 New Member

    Yeah, I'm hoping for May 12th or the 19th. That would be sweet.
  3. Germwise

    Germwise Well-Known Member

    I have the droid x night dock and car dock so getting the x2 would be a no brainer. However, I have LTE in my area and I would hate to not be taking advantage of it!!!
  4. SirKronan

    SirKronan Well-Known Member

    Ugh. I really liked the Droid X when I had it, but they have done nothing to address any of the things I actually didn't like about it. Still has the useless and overpowering/unforgiving dual LED flash, likely the same camera. They kept the unergonomic button placement and hump on the back - all for a physical shutter that still fails to match the quality of other companies' 5MP offerings. Obviously a new camera could improve photo quality, but that physical shutter was a senseless waste of space with no tangible benefit, only serving to make the phone thicker than it needs to be.

    If it lacks the Droid X's encrypted bootloader, however, and doesn't have a screen similar to the Atrix's disappointing offering, I might put this phone firmly back on my list!!

    Here's to hoping ...

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