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  1. WPWoodJr

    WPWoodJr Well-Known Member

    I went to the Verizon store today and checked out the DX2. I love the screen. The extra resolution makes that much more information visible and its very bright as well. The greens on the DX2 pop more too. Not all apps know how to fill the screen though.

    I downloaded and ran System Panel (great app). It reported about 50mb memory free which was 13% of memory. That means the DX has 384MBof RAM whereas the DX has 512MB. That really sucks, Moto is cheaping out on the important stuff. This could be the reason some are seeing long turn-on times, perhaps as the launcher (or screen lock?) is swapped back into memory.

    The SD card seemed to be a 4gb card. Check if you buy a DX2 because its advertised as 8gb.

    I also ran Speedtest.net on my DX and the DX2. The DX2 was almost as fast as the DX (2000mb down DX vs 1800mb down DX2), however the DX was significantly faster on uploads - 800-900mb/sec vs 500-600mb/sec. Not sure if that's an anomaly or not. FYI I was testing this in King of Prussia, PA.

    There's no setting on the DX2 to turn off "swipe to unlock", which the original build of the DX had and which setting survived the upgrade to Froyo. I tried the "No Lock" app but its not the same, it also turns off timed password locks which is not what I want. Maybe Tasker could help here.

    Wow, that screen is impressive. Why, Moto, why did you cheap us out on the RAM?

  2. trophynuts

    trophynuts Well-Known Member

  3. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    Trophy, if you are going to talk smack, return to your DC icon ;)

    There is 512mb, but some is apparently allocated to the Tegra 2, since pretty sure the Tegra 2 does not have much memory at all on the die and uses some ram as an allocation.
  4. WPWoodJr

    WPWoodJr Well-Known Member

    The author of that article admits he's not at all dissatisfied with the DX2 screen.

    In the first image in the article which shows the Android market, you can see what I mean about the better DX2 greens - the DX (in the middle) has a yellow-ier green. You can also see how much more resolution the DX2 has - it shows 5 1/2 apps to the DX's 4 1/2.

    I held the two of them in my hand and compared, and the DX2 was brighter and better. I don't have 20/20 vision at that distance though.
  5. WPWoodJr

    WPWoodJr Well-Known Member

    That may explain it. Same result though - 100 or so less mb for running apps, which is why people are experiencing lags on the DX2. I was hoping the DX2 would have more memory because I already experience lags on the DX.
  6. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    Something more than the memory, since the gTablet has the same set-up with ram and a higher res display and Froyo (performs better). Something else is going on in the DX2.
  7. John58543

    John58543 Well-Known Member

    Whatever that something is I wonder if its fixable...and if its fixable will moto even give us an update?
  8. WPWoodJr

    WPWoodJr Well-Known Member

    I don't know about the gTablet, but available RAM makes a huge difference to speed when lots of apps are running. For instance, Launcher Pro on my DX is sometimes sluggish when I go back to the home screen because its been removed from memory to make way for other apps.

    With the DX2 starting life 100mb down, even if its due to graphics memory allocation, that's a big deficit since that memory isn't available for apps.
  9. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    Yet the gTablet is fast with Froyo, in spite of a higher res display. Point is the DX2 should behave better than what it is now, in spite of the memory.
  10. WPWoodJr

    WPWoodJr Well-Known Member

    I don't disagree.

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