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DROID4:Browser Question DolphinHDvs FirefoxBeta

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  1. buckncrazy

    buckncrazy New Member This Topic's Starter

    Mar 19, 2012
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    I have a droid 4.

    I do a lot of social media posting.

    Maybe I'm crazy but I thought the following was an android OS automatic add on?

    I have been using Dolphin HD for it's simplicity in the arena url forwarding, SM posting etc. If you press and hold the url in the browser url window of Dolphin HD, you receive a drop down window of options to send the url to, tweetcaster, ping, text message, email etc. This allows me to send the url with no effort.

    How do I do this for Firefox beta? Is this an android thing or a browser thing?

    I just set up my firefox sync for the first time and am trying to learn my way around this new mobile browser, is it possible to add this same feature to firefox?


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