DroidedUp Giveaway: win a Skinomi Techskin and DroidedUp T-Shirt

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  1. Wanted to let everyone know that we are holding a contest and giving away a Skinomi Techskin for your cell phone as well as a droidedup.com t-shirt.

    We want to thank you for the continued support as we continue to grow and please know these contests will only get better though lets not belittle the fact what we are giving away from Skinomi is pretty F-in awesome.

    You can enter to win at [http://droidedup.com/2010/03/droidedup-giveaway-win-a-skinomi-techskin-and-droidedup-t-shirt/"]http://droidedup.com/2010/03/droidedup-giveaway-win-a-skinomi-techskin-and-droidedup-t-shirt/[/URL]


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    you continue to post things that suck. this link goes to a 404 on your site. If you're going to come here and advertise for another android site, at least be a good contributor for chrissakes!
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  3. Sorry for the bad URL. I apologize for that it was late and thats just terrible of me. I'm just trying to give away free stuff on our site so no harm was meant by posting on here. If you don't want to visit you simply don't click the link to win the free stuff.

    This forum say "talk about whatever the heck you want" so whats the harm in linking to our site.

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