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  1. AndyX10

    AndyX10 Member

    I have installed DroidLive Lite but whenever I press play on a station I get nothing. I have tried getting the Paid version but when I press upgrade to full, it takes me to the Market and only lists the free version.

  2. AndyX10

    AndyX10 Member

    I get "Connection Dropped" on every station.
  3. AndyX10

    AndyX10 Member

    Anyone know why I am getting the "Connection Dropped" error on all stations?
  4. Snotrocket

    Snotrocket Well-Known Member

    Try connecting to wifi and see if you can get it to connect there.

    Maybe your 3g signal is really weak.

    Restarting the phone might help to.

    I use Droid Live pretty much everyday for hours on end and absolutely love it. It's never given me any problems at all. Hope you get it working.
  5. AndyX10

    AndyX10 Member

    I have tried this with a full HSDPA signal and wifi.
    No luck and I really want this to work.
  6. Snotrocket

    Snotrocket Well-Known Member

    Hmmm that's really strange. I use it everyday and it's never given me any problem at all.

    What device and version of Android are you running?
  7. sbnova

    sbnova Member

    I use it on my droid almost every day. Ive got the free version. I even managed to cut and paste a local radio station into it, and have it play what no other could do for me. I listen to Bubba the Love Sponge and Howard Stern on Siruis's Howard 101. Rarely do I have a problem connecting. Sometimes I get an error that it cant find the station, or that the link isnt valid or something, but then it connects anyway....

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