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  1. sig sauer

    sig sauer Well-Known Member

    I was suddenly prompted to "install" this app from a " non market source or whatever." The app " claims to extend your battery upto 8hrs & such." Can anyone enlighten me on this app?

  2. Abird!

    Abird! Well-Known Member

    I accidentally pressed an ad while playing a game it was some battery saving ad and started getting random texts and was charged $10 extra on my bill for it something about allowing 3rd party whatever, I got refunded the money after I asked customer service why the heck that happens...

    Anyway my point is that prompt sounds like it could be one of those 3rd party things and you'll get stupid charges so I'd avoid it if I were you.
  3. sig sauer

    sig sauer Well-Known Member

    Well, I installed the app. But as soon I noticed a $9.99/ mo fee, I replyed " stop" and was informed my " subscription was cancelled." Although, the app is still installed and running in the backround, I dunno?
  4. Damian77

    Damian77 New Member

    I'm not sure what it is, But it shows up in just about every Ad in any free game/app. Some how, It got downloaded while my phone was in my pocket... Luckily it didn't install because I don't allow anything that's not from the market to install however, I'm hoping I wasn't charged so I'm trying to find if I was or not... :( Probably some type of spyware or some scam. DOES Anyone know if I was charged or not? It wasn't installed but the download did go through... :confused:
  5. Abird!

    Abird! Well-Known Member

    check your statement...have you seen any unsually charges on your bill?
  6. sig sauer

    sig sauer Well-Known Member

    Well, I've had this app installed, almost a month, now. I can't say it's giving the phone any extra speed. But, I've noticed the phone operates more smoothly & fluidly since I installed this app. Plus, I've recieved no extra charges.

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