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DroidX to blame for killing my WiFi?

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    SOCOM-HERO Well-Known Member

    Whenever I come home, my DroidX tries to connect to my router and seems to be killing it every time it tries to connect. I would summarize the problem as that. By "killing" I mean that the router goes into a reboot and therefore kills its signal for about 30 seconds. The DX will continue to try and connect to the router and fail over and over again, but eventually connects ONLY on a screen timeout. If I go into the wifi settings in the phone, I can see that it finds the router, IP and then attempts to connect...and then the router reboots. It is the PHONE's fault somehow and I need to correct it. It only happens with my phone, as other phones in the house have no issue connecting to my router. Tested on two routers so far, and in both cases, my DX is somehow causing them to reboot when it attempts to connect. This is VERY annoying. Running Liberty v2.0 on 2.3.3 (.605version).

    Any response will be met with thanks!


    SOCOM-HERO Well-Known Member

    In addition to this question... I am also having an issue where my phone's ringtone/text message tone will randomly change to other tones. They change completely at random and I have to go back into my sound settings to set them back to my custom tones a few times a week....it is becoming very annoying.

    If I don't get a reply back within a week, I will assume that no one knows how to fix these issues....If that is the case, I will ditch the DroidX forever.

    Any suggestions about a good phone to replace it with....do not name the GS3 or any other phone that is hard to root or apply ROMs to.

    I don't want the GS3 as it is poorly designed (I hit the capacitive buttons all the time on accident as my mom has one that I setup, so I know how the GS3 works through and through. It also has the worst stock keyboard ever...and I don't feel like paying for swiftkey 3 again.

    Please answer this thread with either a solution to my problems or a suggestion for a new phone or both...I am literally at wits end here and am quite frustrated with the DroidX at the moment.:mad::confused:
  3. themib

    themib Well-Known Member

    try a different rom

    why would you have to buy swiftkey again?
    if you buy an app in google play, you should be able to install it on all android devices you use your gmail with

    SOCOM-HERO Well-Known Member

    What ROM is better on the DX than Liberty? And has everything on the phone working as it should? (camera, all features, etc...)

    Bought it on a different account. I don't think that kind of stuff transfers from one to another.
  5. themib

    themib Well-Known Member

    don't know if better, these are popular
    DX 621 Roms
    wizards miui, and Pooka's CM7
    some here Droid X Development - RootzWiki
    Newest version of Cyanogenmod - Droid X - RootzWiki

    CyanogenMod Gaaps

    different gmail or carrier, same one that is on phone now?
    if the old gmail isn't listed in accounts currently on phone, and swiftkey is working
    backup with titanium or rom toolbox, and restore on new rom

    did you make a nandroid, before wifi started acting up? you should make a backup every so often, and before making major changes

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