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  1. Bill23707

    Bill23707 New Member

    Galaxy S3
    Seems like a dumb question but I have studied my phone settings and don't see a way to fix this. When talking on phone, the menu on top, the one with wi-fi, gps, sound, etc changes settings due to my ear being against the phone. Besides making the noises while talking, when I end the call i usually find settings changed, ie gps on or off, mute, etc. Very frustrating and more so that I can't figure out how to correct this. Surely lots of people have had this issue, but I haven't been able to find a post on it.

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  2. GTWalling

    GTWalling Well-Known Member

    While in the Phone dialer hit the menu soft key and choose settings. Put a check mark in Auto screen off during calls.
  3. Max Londoner

    Max Londoner New Member

    Oh. I also get this problem on an S4. Did you find a fix?
    And no the "auto screen off during calls" doesn't fix it !

    During the call all sorts of settings get changed and there's a buzz in my ear when they get changed! My ear seems to be treated like a finger even though I am in a call!

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