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    Nov 27, 2012
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    Title says it all, I really, really enjoyed this phone. Anyway, it looks as though due to the edge to edge design of the screen that you can't actually simply replace the screen for this you need to actually replace the entire front panel consisting of the screen touch panel digitizer etc. What I found is around ~$200 and my question is this, is it likely that the price will come down soon or not due to what you are actually buying? I know it is pretty cheap to just replace the cracked screen, but will the entire front panel replacement likely come down in price soon?

    I ask because if it looks like around summer time I could get one for around 100-150, I will just throw a screen protector to cover the crack and use it til then, instead of buying something used.

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    Feb 10, 2010
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    do you have insurance on the phone? i surely hope you do.
    if you do you can save $100 just call it in on insurance, pay the $99 to replace it and receive a new or certified used razr m

    if you dont have insurance then you will have to replace it all, and as far as the price coming down, it is a possibility but I wouldnt have much faith in it coming down a lot, maybe $25 less or so if thats what you found.

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