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Dropped phone=damaged SD Card, please helpSupport

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  1. cyaiphone

    cyaiphone Well-Known Member

    Long story short: I dropped my gf's phone and now her SD card is not working. The phone says the SD card is unmounted. I took out the sd card and put it back it and still shows unmounted. I went into settings and hit mount and still nothing. I tried formatting but it wont because it says there's no card. Camera wont even take pictures. there was a lot of precious pictures in there. Can someone please help us fix this card :(

  2. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    do you have a card reader? i would use that to see if your sd card is ok. you can transfer the content of your card to your computer and try and reformat from there. just remember that reformatting will erase your content of the sd card.
  3. smitty543

    smitty543 Well-Known Member

    Forgive the simplistic possible answer since there is no comment about it in the above posts. When the phone was dropped, the micro USB Card may have become dislodged. Try to remove the card and reinsert the card to see if that corrects the problem. (Be sure the locking mechanism is reapplied.)
  4. cyaiphone

    cyaiphone Well-Known Member

    yes i have one I've been waiting to try this but she's been busy today so i don't have her phone.

    that was the first thing I tried :(

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