Dropped phone in lake

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    Phone: LG Optimus F6 (MS500)
    Carrier: MetroPCS

    It was in the water less than 30 seconds. I removed the battery and cards, then soaked in in alcohol and dried it in rice. All functions appear to work but two probs left:

    1. Piece of rice stuck in the bottom of the headphone jack (don't ask)

    2. Film of moisture between glass and TFT. Any way to clear it?

    I'm pretty handy, but have never dis- or re-assembled a mobile.

    Many thanks for your help, PW

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    May 28, 2011
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    A little gentile heat can help remove moisture. I would put it back in the rice bowl and heat it a bit with a blow dryer. You don't need to go crazy, just enough to cause the water to evaporate.

    If it's not water this won't work, though.
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