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  1. omi21212

    omi21212 New Member

    Hey guys, I accidently dropped my phone ( Samsung Galaxy 551 ) into a bowl of warm water few days ago and panicked so i dismantled it straight away and try all of it then remantled it to check if it was working.. so as it was turning on the colours seemed to be different alot paler but everything worked as normal could play games and music check facebook send/receive texts and calls but then i went to school and had to turn off phone. when i turned it back on the screen was completely black i can still recieve text and calls but i can't see anything so can't use my phone propely. the touch still works just quite irresponsive ( i think it is irresponsive i still can't see it )

  2. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    let me get this straight.
    Dismantle meaning Battery ,back cover, SDcard and phone
    OR did you unscrew the six screws and dismantled the whole thing.
    Blow dry air for 10 minutes in every 3 hours for two days in the phone after removing battery and SD card.
    If the phone works on third day then no problem.
    If not give it in warranty.
  3. omi21212

    omi21212 New Member

    when i dismantle i was talking about just the battery SD card and sim card, which one am meant to do?

    if it dropped it in on thursday is it not to late to start drying it?

  4. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    The first one of course,what you did :D . removing screws is not recommended .
    Better late than never .Your warranty can be voided if they can prove water traces in your phone.
    Use Ear buds to remove water from remote places.
    2 days or more .Not less .It requires patience.Either you will start phone or eliminate traces of water .

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