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  1. jcfan4u

    jcfan4u Member

    im trying to find a good DS emulator for my Verizon GS4. i mostly will play games like Pokemon diamond(black and white if possible) So please give some suggestions please?

  2. lotus49

    lotus49 Well-Known Member

    I tried two NDS4Droid and DraStic. NDS4Droid worked OK but was rather slow, even on my S4.

    DraStic on the other hand, is superb and has performed faultlessly. I strongly recommend it and I played Pokemon White (of which I have a legal copy I should point out) all the way through with no problems. It worked just as well as on my DS except for having on screen controls.

    All the usual caveats about downloading pirated ROMs apply blah blah.
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  3. jcfan4u

    jcfan4u Member

    thank you so much i really appreciate the feedback im deffinately going to try it out

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