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  1. PodgePapin

    PodgePapin Member

    I have a blu-ray player that plays m2ts files, i've converted some films that would work for both tablet and BD player but now i can't get the DTS sound to work on the tablet. DicePlayer and MX Player seem good but does anyone know where i can get the previous versions of the app or codecs as on the play store the current ones have had dts support removed?

  2. CeeJayII

    CeeJayII Well-Known Member

    Try BS player, it plays more files than any other app I've tried.
  3. PodgePapin

    PodgePapin Member

    Put BS player free on and tried one m2ts with dts hdma file and that worked a treat so far, will try more later.

    Thx CeeJayII
  4. CeeJayII

    CeeJayII Well-Known Member

    No prob, BS has handled everything Ive thrown at it so far. The only drawback of the player is some files have substantial audio lag when using bluetooth headphones. Mostly mkv's have this problem.

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