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Dual-boot Samsung Galaxy Tab?

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  1. gren0

    gren0 Member

    Has anyone successfully used Boot Manager Lite/Pro to dual-boot/multi-boot their Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1?

    I didn't see the Galaxy Tab listed in their list of supported devices but I figured it's pretty close to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone and Samsung has announced that Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) will be an available update on the Galaxy Tab 10.1.


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  2. craig9100

    craig9100 New Member

    If you can dual boot P7500 .. i will be very interested in trying
  3. Tim224DT

    Tim224DT Member

    I don't know about dual boot but I know you can run a virtual over android for Ubuntu or something.

    I tried doing it last night since couldn't sleep. Bad idea since I bricked my tablet last night. But I got it back working today on stock android. Will try to do again another day.

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