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Dual core lg connect coming to metro

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  1. double1

    double1 Well-Known Member

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  2. ShinySide

    ShinySide Disabled

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  3. Prime85

    Prime85 Well-Known Member

    Ill keep my esteem. I like the screen and it runs perfectly, no need to upgrade.
  4. ShinySide

    ShinySide Disabled

    I have to catch up to Nuttmeg's impressive list of over flowing devices. Might buy both :D
  5. Amari

    Amari Member

    Since the Galaxy Attain has been said to be priced at $199 after a $50 mail in rebate is it safe to assume that the LG Connect would be priced around $299?
  6. nycnyc

    nycnyc Well-Known Member

    Might be more. I'd say $350-400 since the Esteem is $350.
  7. budde2

    budde2 Well-Known Member

    I'll be getting the lg connect and giving my esteem to my mom when she moves down to FL
  8. rt-hemiboy

    rt-hemiboy Well-Known Member

    Wow lookss like ill be switching earlier than i tought lol...Even tho im happy with my superfast esteem at 2.0ghz.. But hey dual core is the future of cellphones lol..
  9. Jeyd02

    Jeyd02 Well-Known Member

    I might wait for another phone.
  10. ShinySide

    ShinySide Disabled

    From the specs..... Im passing on both. Being dual cores is the only and only thing worth even considering switching. Besides that the reset of the specs kinda blow.
  11. revogozoom

    revogozoom Well-Known Member

  12. theonlymike

    theonlymike Active Member

    I'm wondering if the LG connect will have the same reboot problems as the lg esteem.. If not i'd consider getting it. If the price was good.
  13. ChazzMatt

    ChazzMatt Well-Known Member

    EXACLTLY. This Attain has a 3.5" screen, while our Esteem has 4.3" screen. Also the Attain has a smaller camera (3megapixels) vs the Esteem's 5 megapixels.

    Even the Connect only has a 4" screen.

    I'm waiting the for the Esteem 2 coming out later this year with bigger screen, dual core CPU. Verizon is getting their version of the Revolution 2 (called the Spectrum) this quarter. That's why they are end-of-life'ing the LG Revolution. So, we'll get our version a few months later, just like we got the Esteem.
  14. Jeyd02

    Jeyd02 Well-Known Member

    now that or any HIGH-END devices im considering to move to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    just look at this beauty!!!! ;


    if we ever get that, it'll be quite prizy.....
  15. Johnny Crapple

    Johnny Crapple Well-Known Member

    I will get either the esteem or the connect February but IDK which one
  16. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

  17. Jeyd02

    Jeyd02 Well-Known Member

    Sorry Attain doesn't catch my attention...
  18. Johnny Crapple

    Johnny Crapple Well-Known Member

    The front camera and HDMI or screen size doesn't really concern me I think ill go with the connect for the dual core I would still love the esteem though LOL
  19. Jeyd02

    Jeyd02 Well-Known Member

    Is a tough choice huh...but if you haven't gotten any yet, then you have the advantage of getting the connect.
  20. Johnny Crapple

    Johnny Crapple Well-Known Member

    yeah I want the connect but the esteem is looking pretty good too
  21. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    Key Specifications of LG Connect 4G
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  22. Johnny Crapple

    Johnny Crapple Well-Known Member

    sounds good to me nutt but I'm just ready to get something better than the ascend I had it almost a year now and its starting to fall apart Lmao
  23. Jeyd02

    Jeyd02 Well-Known Member

    LOL. Yeah indeed. My esteem working beautifully !!!!

    One thing that I like is this phone is sure supported VoLTE , so I don't know about the connect....
  24. nycnyc

    nycnyc Well-Known Member

    I think I'll go with the Connect for the simple fact that I have an Admire right now and I want something with more power and speed. I've been considering the Esteem, but its a bit on the large side for me. I like the compactness of the Connect. I'm just waiting for the pricing now.
  25. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    yes indeed...:D

    and another big step is, ithas 1gb ram install and has double what the esteem have, but to keep the price tag low, it might come with 512 mb. :D

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