Dual Core Media Boxes? Consumer purchase?

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  1. kingcolex

    kingcolex Active Member

    Alright so with some research it seems the Geniatech ATV1200 and 1600 are in production and being Distributed to all the major online sellers but it seems these are also being renamed and rebranded little by little. So far ive found about 3 or 4 others with same specs all coming soon, but the big question is when. Ive emailed two companies trying to find information on a possible date when a consumer will be able to purchase one but so far nothing. Has anyone here found any information?
    Im pretty sure everyone here is wanting a dual core box with 1gb of ram to be able to play there movies/Tv well and not have to deal with lag.

  2. ajeevlal

    ajeevlal Member

    what re-branded boxes you have found
  3. kingcolex

    kingcolex Active Member

  4. azdolt

    azdolt Member

  5. kingcolex

    kingcolex Active Member

    Yeah but the question is how long do we have to wait, i want to get a Android TV box in the next month.
  6. ajeevlal

    ajeevlal Member

  7. kingcolex

    kingcolex Active Member

  8. jlcd

    jlcd Member

  9. eskro

    eskro Member

    the owner of ovalelephant is a really good guy,
    u can trust him %110 as a seller!
  10. kingcolex

    kingcolex Active Member

    Yup i saw this on there and snagged one of the last preorders that ship on november 9th.
  11. ajeevlal

    ajeevlal Member

    great, let us know ur experience on the box when it arrives.
  12. kingcolex

    kingcolex Active Member

    Ill be making a video, only problem right now is i can't find if the box from oval elephant comes with a remote prepackaged or its an extra. He has some listed as options to buy but they are out of stock, but i should have one from somewhere by the delivery date it just might not be the one from oval elephant.
  13. go2vegas

    go2vegas Member

  14. eskro

    eskro Member

  15. jlcd

    jlcd Member

  16. kingcolex

    kingcolex Active Member

    Alright i was planning on having a review probably up today or tomorrow, but as it turns out. Ovalelephant.com is having some troubles. It says all the orders were delayed due to weather, and he hasnt given an updated ship date yet. Also no emails are being responded to right now, they are rumors going around about the store/site owner saying things have happened to him but im not going to jump to conclusions yet. So hopefully ill get a response and be able to tell you how soon you guys can expect a review.
    Since he is in NC and not too far from the coast hopefully hes okay, he might still be out of power so hopefully hes okay.

    EDIT: Ovalelephant has sent out an email, pretty much saying the manufactors lied on shipping date and they now have the 25th as their shipping date.
  17. google tv

    google tv Member

    dual core google tv box,a good product,will be popular
  18. Calab

    Calab Well-Known Member

  19. kingcolex

    kingcolex Active Member

    Probably wont be around for a couple of months and by that time itll be a better idea just to wait for the ouya.
  20. jlcd

    jlcd Member

  21. kingcolex

    kingcolex Active Member

  22. jlcd

    jlcd Member

    110usd on third link (g e e k b u y i n g)
  23. tokar

    tokar Member

    That minix neo looks really good. The first AVAILABLE product I've seen in a BOX FORM FACTOR (all others are those annoying sticks) with ETHERNET that has the dual core chip.

    The ATV1200 and ATV1600 seems to indicate there is an internal slot for a mobile drive. But the description says, for both: "USB: Support 4 x external USB HOST and 1 x internal USB"

    Am I correct in saying that NEITHER of these boxes support any sort of SATA connectivity?
  24. TomWardAtl

    TomWardAtl New Member

    I'm interested in the ATV1200, but it doesn't seem to be available (yet) anywhere for a reasonable price. I came across this the other day:

    streamgadgets . com (sorry, the forum won't let me post a link)

    Anybody know anything about this device? I can't seem to find any reviews or even mentions of it.
  25. Dual_HD

    Dual_HD Well-Known Member

    China Wholesale - Wholesale Electronics - Dropship From China
    maybe they have

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