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  1. geobjork

    geobjork Well-Known Member

    Has anybody tried a Dual SIM card adapter for the Galaxy Note 2, type MagicSim, Simore or any other? If so, did it work ok?

  2. geobjork

    geobjork Well-Known Member

    I can see that dual SIM card is not a big thing here, as far as I know in India and China almost every phone sold is a duo. Being a Norwegian myself, living in Sweden, I have two SIM cards, meaning two phones, that I switch when I cross the boarder. I have ordered an adapter for my Note ll, and I really look forward to see how it works.
  3. geobjork

    geobjork Well-Known Member

    I got the adapter yesterday, it was ordered from [FONT=&quot]MAGICSIM ELITE - MICRO SIM DUAL SIM ADAPTER is compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (GT-N7105) and many other phones

    First I received a wrong one, for an iPhone5, but it took two e-mails and a new one was in the mail, free of charge, no time consuming qestions asked if I had ordered wrong or they sent me a wrong one. Good service.
    As far as the product goes, I got a "new" phone. Before I allways had to carry two phones. The installation was a little tricky because of the release spring for the SIM card in the Note 2, I had to slide in the adapter till it hit the spring, then the SIM card on top of it and slide in both till the SIM card locked in. The software installed by itself and the phone was ready to use with two SIM cards. Easy to switch between them. One thing to be aware of though, only one SIM is active at the time. Here I had an issue, there is no indication of which SIM card is active on the notiftcation bar. I can't live without that. This was solved by an app from the Play Store called MultiSim. That makes it possible to use different icons for the different SIM cards on the notification bar.
    What can I say, good service where I ordered it from, great product and a function that I'll never be without. I can recomand this to anyone in need of two SIM cards in one phone.

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  4. rronald25

    rronald25 Well-Known Member

    Hey Geobjork,

    Im looking for this thing too since in few months I might have to relocate to Belgium and every weekend I wll hv to go back to NL to visit my family & girlfriend.

    I hv few questions for you if you dont mind to answer it

    1. I dunno if you hv 4g in Sweden / Norway; if yes, does the magic sim support 4g?

    2. Is the 3g / 4g supports for both sims? (as in youtube, when the guy changes to sim2, it doesnt show 3g icon)

    3. Do you think as time goes by the sim tray on your Note2 will get loose when you pull out the Magicsim? (I dunno how thick the Magicsim is, and usually the sim tray fits perfect for only the sim)

    4. Does the 2nd sim makes the battery case slightly bump or even kind of hard to close, or do you think it doesnt have any effect?

  5. geobjork

    geobjork Well-Known Member

    Hey rronald25.

    1.Your 4G questions I can't answer since I'm not using 4G. However, it says 4G in the specs and I do trust the Co. I ordered it from, they were quite sencere.

    2. Yes, I have 3G on both SIMs.

    3. MagicSim is very thin, but yes, it adds some thickness to the SIM card. I have been in and out with the SIM card quite a few times for trying back and forth, and I have been thinking the way you are asking in your question, but so far, no problem, but yes, I can see the possibillity for it to happend. I can't feel any alarming resistanse when inserting it though. It is a little tricky to get it installed, and I will explain below.

    4.No, it easily fits under the cover, you will not notice it.

    When inserting the MagicSim I do the following: Push SIM1 end in till it hits the release spring for the SIM card, (till it stops, don't try to push it further without the SIM card on top), put the SIM card on top of the MagicSim and slide both in simultanusly till the SIM card locks in.
    Also see my little description above about the app MultiSim.
    I reacently received a data only SIM from the new European service Fogg, (heard about it?), and MagicSim does not seem to support data only SIMs, otherwise it is great for easily switching between two regular SIM cards. Easy to handle. Good luck if you buy it.
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  6. ButC

    ButC New Member

    Did you ever get it to work with Fogg? And have you tried any other dual sim card adapter with Fogg?

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