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  1. serd

    serd New Member

    Dear Friends,

    This is my first post. I have been looking for an android handset which has a dual sim with both touchcreeen and keyboard. I think on paper A78 fits the bill. I am not in India but can get the phone brought from india to me. Can someone tell me can answer 4 things

    1. if one is 2 sims in the phone are they both active at the same time or does one have to swap from one to the other ?

    2. If both are active at the same time then how can you know which sim is being used to make the out going call ?

    3. If the sim have to be swapped then how easy is it to swap from one to the other ?

    4. Also the battery life seems to be an issue but are there any extended batteries available or external battery pack

    Thanks for the information in advance


  2. rsidd

    rsidd Member

    You can define the default sim for voice, video, messaging, data (separately -- i.e. the voice default can be different from the data default). The second sim doesn't support 3G so ensure your data sim is in the first slot. To swap the sims you need to open the phone and take out the battery first. It shouldn't be required normally. The battery life is as good as any other smartphone I've used: if you don't surf much, it lasts well over a day, if you spend all your time surfing, it lasts a few hours at best.
  3. serd

    serd New Member

    thanks for the info much appreciated
  4. bnaravinda

    bnaravinda Member

    Are you able to record the call in your superfone without call record app? Is the option in call is enabled in your device. Please reply me asap thanks a lot

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