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    I would love to have this dual sim Note2. Hope it is true. Any one with further information? Got a Note1 since January and looking everywhere for a dual Sim adapter but had not managed to trust any of those yet. One sim for home and one for play (going abroad with local internet sim).
  4. One SIM for the wife, one for the mistess?
  5. cnlon

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    May be, or may be not !!!! LOL

    Most people used 1 for work and 1 for play or 1 for husband or 1 for boyfriend ;) (just not to be sexist!)

    But you can see the usefulness of this 2 Sim possibiliites. For me I do not want to spend money on roaming particularly for internet access when I am abroad. A specific internet Sim slot would be a fantastic addition for my Note 1 or Note 2!

    I prefer a high end phone to use all the time rather than some of the time. Presently all the dual Sim phones are not quite up to spec.

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