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Dull Screen IssueGeneral

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    BLACKTOOTHGRIN Well-Known Member

    Has anyone felt that the screen on the S4 is dull?
    In comparison to 3 other devices that I own (all of which have inferior screens spec wise)
    The S4's screen seems to be the dullest for brightness and Whites. In fact, the whites look extremely washed out! I would think that the HD Super Amoled Scree would blow all my device screens out of the water, but it doesn't. Verizon agreed, so they replaced it. I just received my 2nd S4 today and this one is even worse!

    Maybe I'm missing a setting somewhere but I doubt it.
    Powersave is off, Auto Brightness is off, Screen Mode is set to Standard, but even when on Dynamic it doesn't make any difference.

    Any suggestions would be great.
    I can't believe for a minute that this screen is meant to remain this dull.
    It's mostly noticeable while browsing the web or in the dialer because of all the white... but you can see the dingyness whenever a lighter color is present.

    The devices I'm comparing it to are....
    The Casio Commando
    The Galaxy Media Player 4.2
    And The Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus.
    None of those screens should pop with color more than the GS4....but they all do!

  2. janx218

    janx218 Member

    One thing that was throwing me off was the "Auto-adjust screen tone" setting all the way down under the display settings. I kept wondering why my screen seemed so dark until I disabled that. I'm sure you've already done that if you've played around with settings, but just putting it out there.
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  3. dlphnfn

    dlphnfn Well-Known Member

    I use auto-brightness on my sets just out of convenience. I gave my wife my EVO LTE. I was playing with it the other day, and the screen on the EVO LTE is definitely brighter/clearer/better. I've played with some of the display settings for the SGS4, and I'm just not able to get those crisp lines like the EVO LTE was able to do out of the box.
  4. DanDroide

    DanDroide Well-Known Member

    I thought I heard or read somewhere that there is a setting that can change the color contrast for the Samsung Galaxy S4...or was that just for the camera?

    Anybody heard about that?

    BLACKTOOTHGRIN Well-Known Member

    Yeah...I found that setting as well, but thanks for bringing it up.;)

    There is also a color calibration tool in one of the menus.
    It gives you a test to complete to see if your screen is displaying the colors properly.
    After I completed the test, it said everything was working fine and nothing needed to be adjusted. I think only then, can you tweak different settings.
    I think I may try going back into it, and PURPOSELY FAIL the test to see if I gain access to other controls! :D

    I'm glad someone else can see this, and/or at least be honest about it.
    I think there are alot of fanboyz out there that don't want to see it or admit it.:rolleyes:
    I am one of them actually. I like Samsung products in general, but I know when to call a spade a spade as well.:smokingsomb:

    Can't seem to find any info on that one.

    BLACKTOOTHGRIN Well-Known Member


    "Samsung Galaxy S4 review: Picture
    We’ve ooh’d and aah’d over the Samsung Galaxy S4’s vibrant display already, but how will it fare when it comes to picture quality on videos, photos and text?

    Play some TV shows on BBC iPlayer – we chose Doctor Who, MasterChef and EastEnders – and the Samsung displays bold colours, with deep and luscious black levels. These look particularly exciting when playing games: Angry Birds in Space looks great on the big screen, and wasn’t lumbered with any lag issues.

    With videos, there’s a warm touch to the overall colour palette that does add a nice glow to skin tones and during daylight scenes, but it can also lend a tad too much richness to scenes that demand a more natural palette.

    Don’t get us wrong – it’s an exciting picture to watch, but if it’s natural subtlety you crave, you will be better served elsewhere.

    Things take a dip when it comes to white levels – the Samsung Galaxy S4 has a decidedly yellow tinge to its whites, even with brightness on full, which is all the more apparent with text-heavy pages such as websites, Facebook, Spotify playlists or Twitter.

    Pull up similar pages and apps on rival handsets such as the HTC One, Sony Xperia Z and the iPhone 5, and all offer brighter, cleaner and truer whites than the S4.


    The HTC has the advantage of significantly more pixels on a slightly smaller screen, but it doesn’t change the fact that it performs better when it comes to contrast levels and showing more detail in shadows when watching videos.

    The Sony and HTC also have crisper edges around letters compared with the Samsung Galaxy S4. While the Sony Xperia Z suffers from poor viewing angles, the S4 fares much better and is on a par with the HTC One and iPhone 5."

    Here is the link to the entire review:
    Samsung Galaxy S4 review from the experts at whathifi.com

    BLACKTOOTHGRIN Well-Known Member

    I guess the next step is for me to call Samsung Tech Support and see if there is any other tweaks that can be done to improve the way the screen looks.
    If there isn't.....is it a deal breaker???
    For me, I honestly don't know.

    I'm sure in time I could get used to it, but until then it will make me cringe every time I look at it knowing how much I just threw away on a device that is supposed to be Top Notch....but has such a Sub Par Screen.
    Lets see what happens.....

    BLACKTOOTHGRIN Well-Known Member

    Talked with Samsung.
    They said the only settings that will adjust the screen are the ones that I've tried.
    I asked if there will be a firmware update to help brighten the whites? They said it's not likely.

    Pretty disappointing.
    If the whites were up to par, I think this screen would be pretty great. It's a shame to turn a blind eye to this issue when they put everything else into this phone...:(

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