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  1. reID_entify

    reID_entify Member

    I jumped on the one v deal for $53 shipped with cash back, so im getting the thing dirt cheap. I liked the elite while it lasted but been having issues with more dropped calls, reboots, and touchscreen problems (half the screen works, other half doesn't work). So making the move.

    question, will i be able to switch to this phone and keep my 25$ plan? i know a lot of sources says i wont, but they'res a few sources that say if i use the swap option on virgin mobile's website it'll work. Some people say that phone swap option, changes the phone, but you get to keep your number and plan. Just need someone to tell me which to believe lol

  2. daranman

    daranman Member

    You will lose the $25 plan if you switch the plan to the One V, and move your number to it. If you are attached to the number, you probably have no options. However if you want to sell your old plan with the phone, there's a market out there for it.

    I just moved from the Intercept to the Elite... much better and faster. I hope your new phone will be just big as a leap.
  3. DraeHD

    DraeHD Well-Known Member

    The One V caught my eye before I bought the elite, but I had to jump on the $49.99 deal at BestBuy during Black Friday, I am 100% happy with it and love it.

    I wish you the best with your switch OP.
  4. kakapopo

    kakapopo Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't rush into that I mean you should try rooting and romming that'll probably fix a lot of issues the elite and make it faster and more efficient not to mention all the perks like wifi tethering and overclocking. The one v personally looks too weird especially the bottom and how it curves up
  5. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    That's a great deal, unfortunately Virgin's way of getting people off the grandfathered $25 plan is to force any phone introduced after May 1st to lose their plan and force you onto the $35 plan as if you were a new customer, you obviously will still be able to keep your phone number. As was stated in a previous post, if you're not tied to the number you can probably get an extra $75 or so by selling your phone with the old number. People will pay you for the grandfathered plan since it's no longer available and you're going to lose it anyway.
  6. reID_entify

    reID_entify Member

    @kakapopo, um... i've been between stock and rooted/rom and been having nothing but issues with it. First month I used it, was working perfectly and then it slowly started getting more and more issues. btw, my htc one V came in. Build quality is amazing compared to the lg optimus elite. Screen has no dead pixels, sharp crisp clean colors on a 800x480 Super LCD2 3.75" screen. Lg optimus elite, just has horrid screen things dont look that good on it, including colors. Elite only has a 3.5" screen too. Their both nearly the same size but one v has the bigger screen and resolution. The curved chin doesn't bother me, it doesn't stick out that much and fits fine in my pocket. The only thing the elite has going for it right now is NFC and the 25 dollar plan.
  7. CoolDrMoney

    CoolDrMoney Member

    Just did the upgrade from the V to the Elite the other day and am still on the $25 plan. I went to the Swap Phone option on the Virgin Mobile site when upgrading and everything went fine.
  8. reID_entify

    reID_entify Member

    Wait so are you saying before you swapped to the elite, you were on the 25 dollar plan?
  9. CoolDrMoney

    CoolDrMoney Member

    Yep. Even paid the account up for a few months just in case :).

    Screenshot of my account:

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  10. reID_entify

    reID_entify Member

    Perhaps you were on the LG Optimus V then, I was thinking you were on the HTC ONE V when you were talking about the 25 plan lol. Yea, LG Optimus elite seems like a nice option if your going for the 25 plan... but as a personal user, i've had problems with it so I have gone to the HTC One V
  11. Ranhead

    Ranhead Well-Known Member

    The V, the One V and the Evo V
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