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  1. Yet another real fun game from m:zombies, m:vampire, m:mafia, and m:racing
    Add me 598-271-691

  2. rykenprime

    rykenprime New Member

    Add me: 992541556
  3. pararescu

    pararescu New Member

    572-049-350 Dungeon Quest
  4. neodragon

    neodragon Member

  5. druss2001

    druss2001 Member

  6. Cruciform

    Cruciform New Member

  7. gossepe

    gossepe New Member

    Ok take my ID 941 902 483

  8. Geoeg

    Geoeg Member

    Add me please 261 178 815 ...Thank-You!!!
  9. cabbie

    cabbie Well-Known Member

    i played this game and got to level 51 in a few days. now i see no point in continuing to play the game, theres really nothing else to do except fight other people. uninstalled it. id reinstall if there were more things to accomplish on it.
  10. Mpm013

    Mpm013 New Member

  11. briedel

    briedel Member

  12. bah

    bah New Member

    add me 518 436 334
  13. blckz28

    blckz28 Member

    Dungeon Quest 213990967
  14. Balayg

    Balayg New Member

    Fun game. Wish we could leave comments for our
    opponents. Currently, I'm in the top 10 chasing TiggerZ.

    At time of this post top 10 with there levels are:

    TiggerZ 190
    Miles Tailes 190
    kwi 190
    TheBank 190
    Domali 188
    Juro 188
    Murphy's Ghost 182
    Rambo Z 179
    Chucko 178 (going on 179 in the next day or so)
    Greg 177

    I am Chucko. I can beat all but the top 5. I imagine if you
    get closer to 50,000 well equipped party members you could
    beat us all. :)

    Good luck and have fun.


    Add 202 387 460
  15. alohakuuipo70

    alohakuuipo70 New Member

  16. ckct

    ckct New Member

  17. kagekitsune

    kagekitsune New Member

  18. bwa218

    bwa218 New Member

    Add me up. 903-935-691
  19. Superman1

    Superman1 New Member

    You know what to do...
  20. NICNAC

    NICNAC New Member

    Please Add Me in Dungeon Quest: 232-417-986

    Thanks :)
  21. Roxiefoxx

    Roxiefoxx New Member

  22. Asuryan9

    Asuryan9 Active Member

    Anyone actually play? Im confused how this works, how do I equip weapons and such? If I add people from here, am I supposed to equip them, or does the weapons you guys buy travel over when you are in my party?
  23. MableSpam

    MableSpam New Member

  24. gallandof

    gallandof Well-Known Member

    is this app still available? cant find it on the market place at all :(
  25. atomikmonkey

    atomikmonkey New Member

    Level 22 only. Add me if you are a regular player.


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