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  1. Seth Robinson

    Seth Robinson Member

    Hey guys,

    I'm getting ready to release my "word game sort of meets RPG" game Dungeon Scroll to the Android Market but would like to run an open beta test.


    I've put up the full version (will expire in a week) for anybody willing to try it.

    More info, youtube movie, and the apk here.

    Seth A. Robinson

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  2. slighmd

    slighmd Well-Known Member

    Wow i loved this on the iOS! Definitely picking this up!
  3. RichSz

    RichSz Not Entitled VIP Member

    So it's not really free today (implying those fortunate enough to grab it today will get own it for free) but a request to beta test for a week.
  4. Seth Robinson

    Seth Robinson Member

    Er, yep. But hey, it is the full version of a very polished game for a week, not the worst deal! Well, if you dig word games.

    Thanks to those who have sent feedback, it's appreciated and I'm going to pop your names in the credits.
  5. iwillfearnoevil

    iwillfearnoevil Well-Known Member

    false advertising! this isn't free today, it's free for a week! :eek:
  6. slighmd

    slighmd Well-Known Member

    like a free 1 week rental lol. but the game IS fun!
  7. Seth Robinson

    Seth Robinson Member

    Fine, fine, subject changed to be clearer. Didn't mean to mislead anybody. :)
  8. RichSz

    RichSz Not Entitled VIP Member

    Gotchya. Now it's perfectly clear. No thanks but good luck with your testing!!
  9. RandomSanity

    RandomSanity Well-Known Member

    Too late to try this game out for a few days? Looks like the link is dead :( It looks like something I would enjoy. How long until it is added to the market? Will there be a lite version we can try before we buy?

  10. Seth Robinson

    Seth Robinson Member

    Hmm, links looks ok here, please try again! Not too late at all. I haven't really though about a lite version.. hmm. I never bothered with one on the iPhone either but.. it's probably a good idea.
  11. RandomSanity

    RandomSanity Well-Known Member

    Oh thanks, I got it working. Must have been my wireless on my phone. Will give the game a whirl this afternoon on the train and let you know what I think.

    Personally I've never bought an Andorid game I wasn't able to try before I bought it and I know many other users are the same. There are, unfortunately, a large number of low quality games and its difficult to sort out the quality ones without trials.

    I love these free trials though, if the game is good they usually get you hooked so you have to buy it :p
  12. Rob_A

    Rob_A Well-Known Member

    Very cool mix of genres. Reminds me of the Bookworm game for the PC. You create words while fighting enemies, get exp points, magic spells, etc.

    Going to download and try it out.

    Do you plan on making it install on the SD card?
  13. droidberg

    droidberg Well-Known Member

    I love word games. Nice game, seemed to run great on my Motorola Droid.
  14. gallandof

    gallandof Well-Known Member

    do the items that drop at the end of the dungeon help at all?
  15. esmith818

    esmith818 Well-Known Member

    I just found a "hampster" at the end of a level. Do I bet bonus points in a spelling-based game if I find a word spelled wrong by the dev?? :)

    By the way, I really enjoy this game. Here's hoping "beta testers" get a discount on the final release...
  16. Varking

    Varking Well-Known Member

    1) Make sure you allow or enable the ability to move the game to the SD Card, people like having the option to clear off more space on their phones.

    2) Maybe put in the tips or description of the game that you can only use a word once. The first time an oracle popped up I just used it when it would have been smarter to save it for the last fight.
  17. Seth Robinson

    Seth Robinson Member

    Thanks for the suggestions/comments!

    It should do that automatically now on Froyo - (I've set it to "preferred" in the manifest) - let me know if it's not going straight the SD card on install.

    Nope - they are just funny things generated randomly for a laugh.

    Oops, good eye! And about discounts, I"ll give free copies away to beta testers if I can figure out a way with the license junk.
  18. gallandof

    gallandof Well-Known Member

    Not sure if I noticed this properly, but it seemed like when I used the enemy against it self (used rat when fighting rat) you get a nice little bonus in damage, and little rats fall down the screen (i tried to tap each one of them)
  19. Varking

    Varking Well-Known Member

    I saw somebody say this is also a game on iOS... Is this a port or did you start fresh for Android? Most games when people just port the code over tend to not have good "touch" on our screens or the game doesn't play as well. Maybe it is because I haven't played the iOS version but your game currently runs great and doesn't have any touch screen issues. Everything seems responsive.
  20. Seth Robinson

    Seth Robinson Member

    There many "power words" like that scattered throughout, sometimes after finishing a level it will give you one. (try spider(s), or duck(s) sometime!)

    They generally give extra points and damage proportional to how hard they are to make. They work on any kind of creature.

    Music to my ears :) This is indeed made with a C++ cross platform game SDK I've designed that is built with the idea of "write once, publish everywhere". (With Windows, iOS, WebOS and Android being supported in the initial release)

    For any developers out there, I'm in the process of releasing this framework (Proton SDK) soon under a liberal BSD style license so anybody can take a wack at it.
  21. TozyJay

    TozyJay Well-Known Member

    Definitely enjoying this. Excellent job! :)

    One thing - I usually play games when I have my headphones plugged in and I'm listening to music. I appreciated the option to turn off the game music, but I could not find a way to disable the sound effects. Not that I don't like the sound effects but they can be bit annoying when I'm trying to jam to my tunes. :D
  22. Seth Robinson

    Seth Robinson Member

    Beta 3 was just released, updating expiration date to Oct 20th. Hoping to get it in the Android store very soon.
  23. Rob_A

    Rob_A Well-Known Member

    Awesome game. Thanks for bringing it to Android.

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