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General Duplicate contacts when messaging

  1. Dazpom

    Dazpom New Member

    If I look though my contacts from the messaging screen I see duplicates for everyone. It shows the phone and SIM storage even though i've set it to show 'phone' contacts only?

    However if I open the normal contacts to ring someone for example, I just see the phone contacts.

    In the contacts display I have it set to not display SIM contacts, so why does it display them in the messaging contacts??

    Hope i've not confused you 2 much!!

    Googled it and found its a common problem, with the solution being to delete all the SIM contacts which i dont want to do OR delete the phone contacts which then prevents personalised ringtones being set for individual contacts etc.

    Any ideas??

  2. kvito

    kvito New Member

    I've got the same problem. Quite annoying!

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