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Duplicate emails in Gmail

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  1. maxray

    maxray New Member

    Hi all, so I got my Desire on the weekend, everything going well but I have a little problem.

    I have added Gmail as may Mail program and it all works fine from the Desire but when i log into Gmail via the web on my PC I have duplicate emails for any I sent via the phone. I checked with a few people and they didn't actually receive 2 emails so now I am a bit confused as to why I get 2 in my inbox. I have a feeling it might be to do with Imap but if anyone has sorted this out please let me know!


  2. maxray

    maxray New Member

    ok, so I swapped from the default mail app to the Gmail app and it solves the problem, I can only assume the default mail app was sending a copy to the sent folder too.
  3. bps

    bps Member

    My phone account was originally done under my googlemail email. I later chose to change this using my computer to gmail. Google said it would make no difference...anyone sending to my old googlemail address would still be received in gmail. All was fine until i did a factory reset.
    When setting up my phone again I still used my address saying googlemail. But, i found out 2 things. My phone took it upon itself to show my account was gmail (even tho I had set it up as googlemail as before).
    Secondly when i sent emails to myself to say my yahoo address (to pick up in windows mail on my computer) from the gmail app I was receiving 2 copies
    I found a solution...i went back to my computer and changed myself back to the old googlemail ending of my address. Then, I added just the googlemail address ending to my email app on my phone.
    Then I went to my gmail app on the phone and sent myself an email to pick up on the computer windows mail...it had been sent only once.
    I went to the email app on the phone and sent myself an email from the googlemail ending address to pick up on my computer...i received only one copy.
    I then went to my computer and from windows mail sent 2 emails to my phone. one to my address ending gmail and one to same address using googlemail ending. To my surprise i received both googlemail and gmail ending adresses in my phones gmail app (even tho my phone says my account is now a gmail account)

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