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Duplicate Folders in GallerySupport (Browse All)

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  1. Saskya

    Saskya New Member This Topic's Starter

    Oct 4, 2010
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    I am using the stock gallery app on my Moto Droid (2.2). Personally, I love it even if it is occasionally slow to load.

    My issue is that it is showing duplicate folders. For example, I like to take photos of products i'd like to do research on before i purchase, and the gallery is showing two copies of that folder - although they have slightly different content.

    There are not two copies of the folder in My Media. Nor is there a copy in the media folder. Nor is there a copy in the default camera image folder. Nor any of the other camera apps I have installed. I've done a search via ES File Explorer to no avail. I've deleted everything in my Picasa account. My Flickr account doesn't have a copy of the folder. I've tried clearing the cache. I've restarted/rebooted. I've mounted the SD card and completely removed all of the media and folders in the My Media folder. (And then put back the important-to-me folders.) I've put the .nomedia file in my dropbox folders.

    I am seriously at a loss, and searching the forum hasn't helped.

    Any suggestions?

    I appreciate your time in advance. Thank you so much.

  2. rcourt529

    rcourt529 Well-Known Member

    Dec 27, 2009
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    If you plug your phone into your computer, mount it, and go into your phones SD card, you can go into a folder called "DCIM"(Digital Camera IMages) and in there you create/delete any folders you want or don't want.
  3. dbvirago

    dbvirago Well-Known Member

    Jul 11, 2010
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    I found this looking for info re the same problem. No matter what software I use on the droid or PC to browse folders, the dupes don't appear under Pictures/Misc/Droid where the original folders are.

    Only folders under DCIM are .spmo, .thumbnails, and Camera - where images shot with the camera are.

    Docked and using search on the pc only finds the original files and folders. Nothing is finding the dupes.
  4. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian VIP Member

    Oct 28, 2009
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    Since this is occurring only under the gallery and not when viewing the folders themselves, I wonder if the gallery is reporting virtual folders b/c of unsynchronized info in either of those files that begin with a . (period)?

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