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  1. sethseth

    sethseth Member

    I updated my phone today to the new firmware. I'm on Virgin Mobile if that matters and I'm rooted. The update went smoothly except now I get double messages of all my SMS messages. It doesn't happen with MMS and has only been happening since the update, I've tried turning it off and taking out the battery with no result. I just get two of every SMS, I use GO SMS and it receives it as 2 and the default messaging ap does the same thing. Also I get a notification from both the default and go sms messaging apps when I get a text even though GO SMS is set to block the deafualt apps notifications. Anyone having the same problem?? :confused::(:confused::(

  2. db2

    db2 Well-Known Member

    Clear GoSMS settings and see if that fixes it.
  3. sethseth

    sethseth Member

    I did. But that didn't fix anything. And the problem isn't in GO SMS or else the default Messaging app wouldn't be doing it too. I fixed the problem with getting notifications from both the apps by just turning off the defaults notifications. But still getting double messages. And I just tried clearing the cache partition from recovery mode
  4. sethseth

    sethseth Member

    Also I just found out I can not send pictures now. Going to call VM in the morning
  5. choboy

    choboy New Member

    The update occured on my Rise over the weekend and I have the EXACT same issues -- duplicate texts in both the stock app and GO SMS PRO. Worse yet, the messages sent to my GO SMS Private Inbox ALSO appear in my regular Inbox!! Likewise, I do NOT get duplicates of MMS messages AND I can't send pics with GO SMS (it says my pic size is too big despite it NOT being too big). I have sent an email to Virgin Mobile support, but so far no response.
  6. Richistee

    Richistee New Member

    my rise is rooted every since new firmware update i get double texts and cant send pics i called VM they told me problem will be fix in 72 hours they only fix pics now MY DATA IS ****** UP and told me it will be another 48 hours to fix data I AM SUPER PISSED NOW if not fixed soon i am switching to boost
  7. Misfitlove

    Misfitlove Member

    I just started having this problem yesterday after upgrading - does anyone have any fix for this? I tried backing up and resetting and that didn't fix the problem.
  8. TechDad378

    TechDad378 Well-Known Member

    If you are using an alternate text app from the default one deleted and run a test on the default app to see if you still receive duplicates.
    If you do not receive dups reinstall the alternate text app. The go to the settins in the default app and uncheck to receive notifications when you receive a text.
    Sometimes this is the cause of duplicate messages.
  9. geminiguy

    geminiguy Member

    My phone is non rooted and having the same problem as well.
  10. TechDad378

    TechDad378 Well-Known Member

    The solution is simple. Uninstall the alternate text app. This is generally cause by alternate text app. Once the alternate text app has been removed send a text to see if you receive any duplicates.
    Once no duplicates are verified reinstall the alternate text app again. Then go to the default messaging app, click on setting, scroll down to auto retrieve and uncheck the box. Then scroll down to notifications and uncheck the box as well. This solved the same problem for me. Hope this helps.
  11. Prior my own form of recompense want to tell others who are on initial fw do not update otherwise you will be in equivalent boat.At the moment there is nothing you can do problem is embedded in fw itself no app can touch this except cwm which obviously does not exist
  12. TechDad378

    TechDad378 Well-Known Member

    @MyFormIsCracked I understand you encountered the same duplicate message problem and could not resolve it from your post. But I must disagree with your position on this issue. I resolved this identical problem on 3 different android phones with the same solution on each phone which I previously posted. I know the solution works because I have fixed it 3 times. It is up to other users whether they want to try the solution. Please do not mislead people without trying the solution yourself. If you did try it, you will also see it works. I am in the forum to help others not to mislead them! I am open to any discussion regarding solutions I provided.
  13. Lmfao thanks for making me laugh given I have the competence from inception knowing not to update currently still on initial fw myself.Even so your solution Rise wise is only momentary again forementioned problem is embedded in fw itself only way to deter is through cwm nothing else
  14. geminiguy

    geminiguy Member

    Techdad, I tried your solution but still getting duplicate messages.
  15. Morgansmum

    Morgansmum New Member

    I recently purchased this phone and have run into this rather perplexing problem. I dislike the lack of ability to customize the SMS factory app, so I have looked at other apps. EVERY outside app (Chomp, Handcent), when installed, now receives duplicate incoming messages. Under the Messaging settings, I HAVE turned off notifications and auto-retrieve. The problem is not that I am getting notifications from the default app AND (for instance) Handcent. It's that Handcent receives two incoming messages for every one, exact duplicates. UGH!

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