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  1. Richardheuston

    Richardheuston New Member

    I upgraded from a Desire which I had no trouble with managing my music on using HTC sync manager software and a file on my PC called phone playlist, which I just added and deleted music from.
    When setting up the One X ,Sync manager told me to download the latest Sync Manager for the One X which I did. I now have every track (1200) duplicated on the phone, with no way to delete them except by manually deleting each one. I tried deleting some and then doing a sync and they came back as duplicates.
    Does anyone know how to delete all music from my phone, and how to stop the duplication happening?

  2. ParkerDees

    ParkerDees Member

    This might work for you, there is an app in the app store to remove duplicate files called "search duplicate files" you can specify file type in settings (ie photos, music, docs, etc.) And then search and remove duplicates. Hope it works.

    on that note, this was not my solution. I have even browsed all files manually on a pc via USB and there are not duplicates of the one file that shows up 30 times in my music folder, "join hangout" which I know is from G+. People say it's caused by the sync manager, which I have never used, fyi... But how the bloody he'll do you erase these from the list of music for alarms and music when the folders really do only show one file? Is there a content list somewhere I can edit?
  3. razvan06

    razvan06 Well-Known Member

    Try to erase cache and data from within >Settings>Apps>"Music.app"
    oh... and restart the phone !
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  4. ParkerDees

    ParkerDees Member

    Can you clarify your process when you you state "from within"? If I go to settings>apps , it just pulls up my apps manager. i don't see exactly where you are talking about. using something like es file explorer or usb/pc I cannot browse to "music.app" and windows search of the device does not find this file either. the app that seems to be cause this is the htc alarm, and its not listed (that i know of) under something you can clear cache for.

    now that I actually think about it, the replication of this file does seem to coincide to the amount of failed attempts to get HTC Sync Manager to actually sync, my pc never worked successfully with this, even after formatting and fresh install of windows 7 pro. maybe an issue with 64 bit... maybe syncing to 32 bit machine successfully would resolve this issue?

    hokay, so.. more research, i found out that you can have several folders called "notifications" or "ringtones" anywhere on the sd and regardless of the path it can cause duplicates. but i checked this as well and i really only have one copy of each file name (when hooking up via usb and browsing). Is there a log file somewhere that possibly dictates a list of music?
  5. ParkerDees

    ParkerDees Member

    hokay, i found the "music.app" under all apps vs running or installed... yeah, sometimes i am dense...

    cleared this as well as the cache for clock and clock widget, since this is the visible place i see it replicating.

    but the duplicate music files are still here after cleared and rebooted.
  6. sledgehammer70

    sledgehammer70 New Member

    I have been trying a lot of the steps you have been with no success. Thi sis getting annoying more than anything else.
  7. ParkerDees

    ParkerDees Member

    Hokay, so...

    go to settings>apps>all> scroll down to "media storage" and clear data

    Then reboot!

    Presto, all duplicates gone! :D

    It took a few minutes to re associate pictures in albums, etc. but this seems to have solved it for me.

    If you have doubts, a back up of your media wouldn't be a bad idea, but it shouldn't actually purge anything from your device, seems to just be a type of log file that tells the device where media is stored.
  8. razvan06

    razvan06 Well-Known Member

    Heh, sorry, i've been really busy lately, glad to see you sorted it out ! I was too sleepy to tell you about trying this with media storage too...

    ...actually, that media storage keeps a track of all your media on your phone, it's a cache actually, this is why when you wipe the data from "media storage"
    it takes some time to find all your media files.

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