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  1. jpal723

    jpal723 Member

    Just bought the Vivid and I am noticing that I cannot stop the duplication of notifications. I am using the latest version of FB and a setting to stop notifications is nowhere to be found as in prior versions. Ultimately, I would like to have notifications sent to my gmail and not FB. I have always done it this way and I am happy with this setup.

    If this is not possible, I would entertain getting just FB and not Gmail. The problem here is that I see no place to set a notification setting in FB or on the device. On the device, I see a setting for alarm and notifications only.

    It seems the new FB version for Android mirrors the desktop version closely.

  2. woodsytattooman

    woodsytattooman Well-Known Member

    Open facebook for android,Hit menu/settings/uncheck notifications.I use Gmail as well because my FB App notifications never work lol..
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  3. jpal723

    jpal723 Member

    I was so concerned with everything else that I never thought to hit the menu button. Coming off from using a BB. LMAO THANKS!!!

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