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Duplicate playlists when copied from itunes to sd cardSupport

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  1. bieberhole69

    bieberhole69 New Member

    So I export my playlists onto my sd card and everything works fine. Then I go to update the playlist and overwrite the existing copy. However, when I click on the playlist in the music app, it shows both the new and old copy together (For example song 1 from new playlist, song 1 from old playlist, song 2 from new, etc).
    My guess it that the playlists are being copied onto the phone, but where can I go to delete them? Just deleting them off the app gets rid of the sd card version.

  2. adrianmol

    adrianmol New Member

    I copy across MP3s from my PC to my Android devices using Media Monkey. Initially everything is fine but over a period of time in the Samsung Music Player I end up with duplicate entries in all my Playlists. However the Albums and tracks are only stored once. I think the Samsung Player decides to update it's library and this results in doubling up in the playlists. It could be Music Squares doing this as the first time I go in it automatically refreshes the library again. If I delete the playlists and re-sync I also have to delete all the tracks and copy all 30mb again. Annoying. I have since loaded the Media Monkey App on to my Android devices and it does not show duplicate tracks in the playlists so maybe the Samsung Music Player has a bug. I do not work for Media Monkey, I have used their media player for many years on my PC as it does not try to double guess me unlike MS Media Player which loves to re-name, re-sort and re-categorise everything.:confused:
  3. Canesfan

    Canesfan Well-Known Member

    If one were to put the sD card in the desktop, delete the music playlist in it (after saving a copy to it), then load the iTunes library to the sD card, would that work?
  4. adrianmol

    adrianmol New Member

    I have never used iTunes, but what you suggest is what I do. I reload all my tracks and playlists on the SD card using my PC. When I insert the SD card back in my Android device. Iinitially all playlists will be correct but somehow over time they get duplicate entries as I previously described.
  5. Canesfan

    Canesfan Well-Known Member

    So you deleted your original tracks before reloading and this still happened?

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