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Duplicate Text Messages using Chomp with Handcent Uninstalled??Support (Browse All)

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  1. scudder

    scudder Well-Known Member This Topic's Starter

    May 21, 2010
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    I read in another thread that Handcent might be aware of an issue with sending duplicate text messages here:


    I had a similar circumstances but NOT involving Handcent (well, sorta..read below) so I wanted to post this new thread.

    I did have Handcent and had some problems, for some reason, with MMS messages not sending. So I switched to Chomp and that was working fine. With no need for Handcent and the issues, I uninstalled Handcent.

    And after this uninstall...periodically...like the original poster in the link above, but NOT 100% of the time, much less but STILL annoying and inexplicably...I have sent duplicate messages to people. SOMETIMES if I am in another app and then go back to my Chomp messaging to click on a thread to start a new message, I will see the entire or a portion of the text I had previously sent READY TO BE SENT AGAIN n the message field.

    Any idea why CHOMP is having these issues?? It is because I had once used Handcent and, even though there are known issues with Handcent and it has been uninstalled, there are still "pieces" of Handcent issues left on my phones??




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