1. kwknott

    kwknott Well-Known Member Developer

    I just unwillingly put my Victory to a durability test. My daughter knocked it out of my hand and it flew down deck stairs. It dropped about 6 feet, hit on upper right corner and bounced off wooden step and dropped another 4 feet to land on concrete patio. When it hit concrete it hit on lower right corner and then fell into screen.
    It has small scuff on upper left end, small indentation on lower right corner and small scratch on front right below G of Samsung logo.

    It was a pretty decent fall so was quite surprised it wasn't worse

  2. Chiral

    Chiral Well-Known Member

    The bezel plastic is pretty soft, but I'm surprised that you were able to scratch the screen.

    It took me 20minutes to scratch out the plastic over my front-facing camera, and my pocket knife wasn't sharp enough so I had to use a new pair of scissors.
  3. buzzcon

    buzzcon Well-Known Member Contributor

    Glad to see you didn't purposely put the phone through that stress test.

    In the Triumph thread there was a guy that did this and I always wondered why not just put a piece of black tape over the name?
  4. Chiral

    Chiral Well-Known Member

    Plastic is too smooth. Even super glue wouldn't stick.
  5. buzzcon

    buzzcon Well-Known Member Contributor

    Ah, there you go. :D
  6. dibblebill

    dibblebill Well-Known Member

    I've dropped mine onto various hard and carpet floors from 3-5ft about 5-7 times, its got some bevel chips but nothing else. Its fallen down a flight of stairs onto a hardwood floor with no damage, too
  7. Sinner67

    Sinner67 Well-Known Member

    Ok, why would you remove the plastic over the front camera? Just curious lol
  8. Chiral

    Chiral Well-Known Member

    Didn't remove anything, just scratched out the glass so that the front cam was worthless.

    Cuz gub'mint n black helicopters n stuff.

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