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  1. gerardo00r

    gerardo00r New Member

    I've tested the mic using some apps and I can record sound and reproduce it very well, but when I receive or make a call the mic stops working and also the speaker makes a hiss (white noise) with a clic sound every 3 seconds, I can hear the other party but the volumen is very very low even with speaker function or using headphones.

    I've done a hard reset and the problem is still there.

    i've flashed it and installed a different version and the same happened.

    Also I tried a diferent chip and differents providers and the same.


    so what could it be and how can i solve it?

  2. leandrog

    leandrog New Member

    Hi Gerardo!
    I've got exactly the same problem as you.
    Did you manage to find a solution to the muting problem of your Android?

    Thanks for you support.


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