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  1. hakujin

    hakujin Well-Known Member

    anyone have this problem w/ the moment whereby your face touches the screen and causes accidentally pressed keys, things to move on screen, etc. associated w/ touching the screen? I think I remember this happening once or twice on the moment but admittedly, I don't use it much so not sure if the lock screen was on, screen was off, etc. Just looking to see if anyone if affected by this or if it's a known problem.


  2. Podar

    Podar Active Member

    Yes....quite frequently happens to me. It kicks on mute or the speaker phone kicks on.....something I put up with.
  3. ovrrdrive

    ovrrdrive Well-Known Member

    I have the same problem... I try to use bt whenever I can get away with it. I had a long call once where the music player started, then set a ringer to that song and then the browser opened and started opening pages. I was getting a little aggravated.
  4. #1mom

    #1mom Member

    Yes, it happens to me all the time. I hate it. I am on my 4th moment & every one has done the same thing. A sprint representative told me that it's a software glitch.
  5. Bella99

    Bella99 New Member

    I paid for an app in the market that helps this. Admittedly the app is a pain as well but better than the alternative. In fact this is the only app I have spent any money on at all!
    Its called "Screen Suite"
    Hope it helps! :)
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  6. RiceEatingEvo

    RiceEatingEvo Member

    Its not a software glitch. Its the proximity sensor not picking up the fact that its close to your face. When the phone does that just simply move the phone from your ear and casually put it back to your face. Apparently the phone cant register to turn the screen off in sync fast enough with the proximity sensor. So therefore when you quickly put it to the side of your face and you accedentally press something on the screen the phone thinks your trying to launch something or multi task so it doesnt turn the screen off. So far I havnt seen a Samsung moment that DOESNT have this problem. And I have yet to see a moment with this problem fixed somehow. But perhaps someone can start troubleshooting the Proximity Sensor being in sync with the processor. that would be an app or a patch that I would be willing to try in a heartbeat.

    And btw im slightly skeptical about the Screen Suite app. If you read the reviews in the market multiple people are Losing email notifications after installing people are reporting that the softkeys either dont lock or permanantly stay locked untill the app is uninstalled. people also report that the app doesnt allow pattern locking in combination with the app. And to me that is a must have security feature.
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  7. hakujin

    hakujin Well-Known Member

    I read about that before posting here... was hoping there may be a workaround to fix it and/or a ROM that mitigates the problem that I could try.

    I don't think 'software glitch' and 'proximity sensor not working properly' are mutually exclusive, which you would seem to agree with if you feel a sw patch could solve the problem.

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