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Dust under my screen!

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  1. Fordude

    Fordude Active Member

    Just noticed dust under my screen - bottom left side! I am within my 14 days so I am going back to store today to swap out for a new one. I am a bit nervous about this and hope HTC can find a fix for this flaw soon!!


    This was also posted on the Xda-Developers forum and you can read more details about it Dust under the Screen! - xda-developers

    I love this phone - so far this is the only drawback IMO!

    Best way to see dust is to hold a flashlight at an angle to the screen with the backlight off.


  2. rleal2010

    rleal2010 Well-Known Member

    ouch, dust! get it away!!! its evil dust!!!!

    I'm melting!!!!!!!!!!!! IM MELTING!!!!!!!!!!!! its Pixi dust! Give it back!

    lol. silly dust, but sillier people

    Because my Image will be shattered when someone says, "hey, let me check your phone out" and you say "sure here you go"

    and he turns it off and grabs a flash light out of his pocket and says "HA! HE HAS DUST IN HIS SCREEN, HE IS SOOOO UNPOPULAR!!!"

    And all the women say "EWWW dust!!! underneath his screen!!! ewwww!!!!"

    and your gf says "OMG you didn't tell me you had dust underneath your screen!!! Im goin to need time to think about our future :'( "

    lol :) Silly dust!!!
  3. Fordude

    Fordude Active Member

    Don't be such a wank! This was after just 2 weeks of use - I just checked my wife's Cliq that she has had since Feb and guess what, no dust!

    After 6 months of dust accumulation you don't think this is going to have an affect on screen clarity?? Dream on teanage queen!

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  4. rleal2010

    rleal2010 Well-Known Member

    Maybe you shouldnt be such a dusty person!

    I know, that made no sense, but its the best I got in the morning.
  5. Fordude

    Fordude Active Member

    Lol, yeah my pocket is obviously dusty. I wonder if/how this will affect the touch screen over time.

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  6. bennyboy5764

    bennyboy5764 Well-Known Member

    some people lately have really been trying to suck this phone's d*** even though there are some serious problems
  7. spiz

    spiz Well-Known Member

    Amen. It's literally a piece of trash, yet for some reason, people have a massive erection for it. Maybe it's because TMobile has lowered our standards by carrying low end phones this whole time.
  8. NatDroid

    NatDroid Member

    I love this phone. It's solid all way around, and I would highly recommend it to my friends. I also could not see dust under my screen.
  9. bennyboy5764

    bennyboy5764 Well-Known Member

    your lucky u got a good phone lol

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