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  1. MJQX

    MJQX Member

    Going slightly off topic, have you used any apps to backup the phone? Contacts/email/social networking set up isn't bad but it's all the settings, apps and screen set up that takes ages.

    Been looking at MyBackupPro. Any experience of this or other recommendations before sending off the phone?

  2. johncf

    johncf Well-Known Member

    No sadly I have not used any backup programs. I just export my contacts to the SD so there there when I get it back.

    I should find a program to back it all up next time .
  3. Markg

    Markg Well-Known Member

    I had the same issue, Three UK suggested I contact HTC, they sent a UPS courier to pick the phone up and had it back with me within a week. It was reset to factory but that's no real problem, my contacts synced in no time and I'll slowly build up the apps as I use them. Over all I'm happy with the service.
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  4. MJQX

    MJQX Member

    Any more dust since?
  5. Markg

    Markg Well-Known Member

    No, it's only been back for a couple of days but no sign of dust.
  6. MJQX

    MJQX Member


    HTC sent courier to pick up the phone last Tuesday 29th. Phone came back today (5th). They told me 7 working days and it's been 6 calendar days. Impressive service by HTC to be fair.

    Dust gone so we'll see how long for. Fingers crossed.

    It does seem like they've added a tiny border around the screen between the edge of the glass and the bezel. Any idea if that's my imagination?

    Incidentally, after a long argument with Vodafone over the phone to their call centre they called a few days ago to offer me an exchange! Phone was with HTC at the time! But at least hopefully now a repair will have fixed the issue for good.
  7. FelicityMarie

    FelicityMarie Member

    I have also had exactly the same problem. The dust seems to have collected on the left hand side about half way up in a little cluster. It is extremely annoying but I suppose I can cope with it.
  8. MJQX

    MJQX Member

    You shouldn't have to cope with it! It's a manufacturing defect. I had the phone back within a week. That was two weeks ago and still no dust. That's the longest I've gone yet!!
  9. FelicityMarie

    FelicityMarie Member

    I've had my phone for over two months now though, so there is no way I could take it back is there? :(

    I've just bought a very expensive screen protector too, will they have to take that off to fix it? How much would it cost me if I took it to a high street phone repair store? :confused:
  10. MJQX

    MJQX Member

    If it bothers you (which it should do!) HTC can do a warranty repair as you're covered with them for at least a year. They send a courier to pick it up and return it when it's sorted. Mine was back in 6 days.

    I sorted it all through online chat with a rep on HTC's site.
  11. MJQX

    MJQX Member

    Here's a new one... Small blob of dust under the screen at the top, just to the right of the HTC logo.
  12. puppy

    puppy Well-Known Member

    I have had my phone for a few month's now, and I also have dust under my screen on the left and right hand sides.

    My question is, will they repair my phone as it is rooted. And if so , when they do a factory re-set, will it unroot it?:mad:

  13. Phantogenic

    Phantogenic Well-Known Member

    As far as I'm aware factory resets won't un-root your phone. The only time it will is when flashing a stock rom. Which they may choose to do.
  14. johncf

    johncf Well-Known Member

    when you send it to htc, you get it back how it was when you bought it so i would imaginge you loose your root.

    they also install the latest sense rom
  15. finalfantasy7

    finalfantasy7 Well-Known Member

    I must be one of those lucky sensation owners, had the phone since it came,no problems at all.

    absolute hate companies who carnt acknowledge their mistakes, at the end of the day it will hurt them - Samsung own the smart phone market now (future phones look impressive) while HTC at a massive downfall.
  16. KTW

    KTW Guest

    about the dust under screen issue, do you work as a miner,builder or farmer because those jobs experiance alot of dust and do you have dust under you htc sensation screen now ?
  17. KTW

    KTW Guest

    the only question is why. The dust getting upthe screen could be attracted by static, huge amounts of it. Perhaps putting a screen protector could help.

    I know the sensation has a strage shape: the screen is slightly curved and lower than the edges so that when you put your phone face down it doesnt damage the screen. Very usefull btw its strange to have dust though.
  18. johncf

    johncf Well-Known Member

    its not environmental dust, basically it cannot be.

    on one of the occasions that i got the phone back the "dust" was there again in a day, its not physically possible for that much to land on your phone work its way in and then to your screen, and i was at home that week.

    i think it is something they use in the construction of the phone maybe a glue or sealant, that dries ( maybe from the heat of the phone) and then fails.

    i guarantee if you look at anyones phone with the dust it wil be as my picture above )

    it is as if the seal has failed then this dry residue is sucked across the screen, you would not get that pattern so quickly and in that form from regular air born dust. Its also too fine.

    the first time it happened to mine, there was no dust...not even a spec at 9am, by 12, i had the above.

    As for my work i do computer aided design so i am in an office.

    my phone since its last fix is still pristeen, and fingers crossed it will stay that way as i love it!
  19. MJQX

    MJQX Member

    The blob grew into a plume. New one though, this time from the top!

    Vodafone service excellent as ever. Sent out a replacement today. Spent the evening setting it up.

    So, 4th handset now. Fingers crossed this is from a newer batch and won't suffer the same issue.
  20. solorize

    solorize Well-Known Member

    Damn, looks like my Senstation is suffering with the same dust problem too.

    I do have a Zagg screen protector on my phone and thought that it was
    dust trapped underneath it rather than under the screen, but due to the shape of it, it looks
    like a burst of dust rather than random bits of dust or a finger print.

    So I thought I would just ask people on here if their dust patches look similar
    to mine, to save me taking off my screen protector to investigate.

    If this dust "Burst" is what everyone else is suffering from then I will probably have to send my
    phone of to get it removed. Which is going to be a pain as already had my phone exchanged last year
    from a Desire S due to the borked firmware upgrade, which I posted about on the Desire S forum last year.
    So was hoping that with getting the Senstation as a replacement that
    I would no longer experience any sort of problem.

    Pictures Below
    Dust Bursts (Halfway up the right hand side of the phone)


  21. MJQX

    MJQX Member

    I wouldn't bother taking off your dust protector. It's under the LCD screen. Classic dust plume! See my pic attached (phone number two of the four I've had so far).

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  22. Bexy

    Bexy Well-Known Member

    That's the exact same place my Sensation got dust in :(.

    Fortunately I was within my 28 days with Vodafone when it happened so I got a new one sent out and *touch wood* it's been fine. I thought it was my fault though as it was actually my partners phone and we decided to swap and first day of having it, the dust appeared. So in my case, I was fortunate to find it a common problem and that I hadnt fudged the phone lol.

    I don't know if it was a flaw in the design of early models or just an unlucky batch as I know some people have had no probs and like I say this one's been fine.
  23. solorize

    solorize Well-Known Member

    I've just emailed HTC about my dust problem and will await to hear back from them, I will let you know how it goes!
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  24. solorize

    solorize Well-Known Member

    Quick update: HTC have arrange UPS to pick my phone up today to be sent to them for repair. I will keep you up todate on how long it takes to get the phone back and what they have done to repair it.

    Sat 21st Jan 2012 - Emailed HTC to report dust under screen

    Tues 24th Jan 2012 - Arrange to get phone collected on Thur 26th Jan.

    Thur 26th Jan 2012 - Phone collected by UPS

    Fri 27th Jan 2012 - Phone delivered to HTC repair centre & being repaired

    Mon 30th Jan 2012 - Phone has been repaired and is being shipped back out to me

    Tue 31st Jan 2012 - Phone turned up this morning 09:28am and no dust under the screen =)

    I will keep an eye on it over the next couple of days to see if the dust returns, fingers crossed
    they have sorted the problem out.

    On another note, I am extreamly impressed with the speed HTC repaired my phone, it
    was a very quick turn around! So will have to agree with Johncf a big thumbs up from me too.
  25. shadyyx

    shadyyx New Member

    Hi guys.

    Didn't read through all the posts but got until somebody mention that XE should (could) be immune... Though, it IS NOT...

    I own my HTC Sens. XE for about a month while today morning I realized I have a strange small dots on my display. After polishing it I realized that it is dust under the touch screen (and above the LCD). It is situated in the upper right corner and directing as a comet (or explosion) from top to ca 3cm lower. For a better imagination it starts directly between battery and signal strength indicators.

    For me it looks like there were a vacuum between screen and LCD when the seal was broken at a certain small piece and it sucked in the dust from around in between LCD and screen...

    Won't contact Voda or HTC until it is worse... Or should I?

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