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  1. prittzzz

    prittzzz New Member

    hey friends i bought my micromax a70 mobile about 1 month ago. but now i have been facing a big problem that a lot of dust has come come under the screen and i m not able to find the source of it that from where it comes......i m trying to ignore this but the dust are coming more and more as the days go.......Can anybody tell me what to do now????

  2. gta

    gta Well-Known Member

    First clean the device frm micromax service center ... The laminate it!!! ..... Perfect...
  3. NNJ

    NNJ New Member

    I purchased the phone on 16-Nov-11. Dust started gathering under the screen just in 8-10 days. Its ridiculous. Now worried, if it starts spreading, how to operate phone?

    Quality seems big big issue at Micromax.

    Will be visiting service center soon. Its sad to see service centre in just 10-12 days.
  4. theperfectpunk

    theperfectpunk Well-Known Member

    The Dust gets inside through the earpiece on top of micromax. Usually people blow air to clean the dust on the earpiece which results in gathering of the dust on screen.
  5. eminemfan

    eminemfan Well-Known Member

    does anybody knows how to clean the dust under screen without going to service center?
  6. akshaybz

    akshaybz Well-Known Member

    I am curious too about the dust thing..
    Been buggin me since past 7-8 months lol :p

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