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Dust Under the Glass?

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  1. rswheaton

    rswheaton Well-Known Member

    Does anyone else notice any dusk under the keypad? If you lock the phone so the screen so it is dark and then look towards the edges of the glass in direct light do you see the dust? I am wonder how bad this is going to build up over time? Outdoor in the sunlight makes it very easy to see. It has only been a week and mine is very visible.

  2. HardKore

    HardKore Active Member

    I hope your the only one ; )
  3. aznsmith

    aznsmith Well-Known Member

    Yeah I have dust building up under my screen too...
  4. aznsmith

    aznsmith Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know if the lcd is supposed to be sealed? I merely keep my phone in my jeans pocket and have dust accumulating in the lower left portion of the screen, which is exactly what happened with my motorola
    i'm a bit disappointed...the build quality seems solid and should last past the 2 year contract but i'd hate to be without a phone for weeks because I have to send it away for cleaning repairs, while under warranty.
  5. rswheaton

    rswheaton Well-Known Member

    The lower left corner is where most of mine is building up as well. It's very hard to see when the screen is on but I am wondering how it will be over time.
  6. anikko

    anikko Member

    I have a small amount in the lower left portion of the screen. :mad:
  7. Mrniceguy

    Mrniceguy Well-Known Member

    ditto ill prob due what i did with the touch pro

    wait 6 months and "lose" my phone ...ins upgrade. and will get brand new phone.
    likely with a better manufacturing proces...
  8. aznsmith

    aznsmith Well-Known Member

    Have any of you exchanged your phone yet?
  9. LTZguy

    LTZguy Well-Known Member

    I've had mine since 1 day before it was oficially released...no dust in mine. i keep mine in a leather case, in my pocket and my side pocket in my jeans.
  10. anikko

    anikko Member

    I'll be keeping mine. I can only see the tiny specs if I look for them in bright light while the screen is off. If it gets bad enough to actually be annoying then I'll visit my buddies at the Sprint repair shop. I hope they can simply clean it but I'd settle for a replacement.
  11. anikko

    anikko Member

    The leather case must do the trick. Where did you get yours?
  12. steb0ne

    steb0ne Member

    I have dust on the lower left portion of the screen too. I have mine in my old Touch Pro case, so I don't think that makes a difference. People have said that HTC is aware of the "issue" and you can exchange it.

    Look here:

    Dust in the screen after 2.5 days......
  13. aznsmith

    aznsmith Well-Known Member

    nice find.

    I just now noticed that the side where dust is entering, the glass is raised above the plastic housing unlike the other sides that are recessed. so, it's obviously a manufacturing flaw where the adhesive wasn't properly applied. You can visually see this or check by just running your fingernail on the glass towards the housing.
  14. tomemail

    tomemail Well-Known Member

    I called Sprint. The cs person I spoke with immediately said he needed to connect me with someone in order processing because nothing should be getting under the screen and there should be no rattle on the upper back side of the phone.

    New one coming...we'll see
  15. deviouskoopa

    deviouskoopa Active Member

    Hmmm mine seems evenly and very slightly recessed on both sides of the screen. No dust as far as I can tell. There is however a small rattle sound on the upper back of the phone when I set it down, as mentioned. Doesn't bother me much though.
  16. GoofyGirl

    GoofyGirl Well-Known Member

    I have had my Hero for a week and just discovered today that I have dust under the screen in the upper right corner and the lower left corner. I will be ordering my replacement tomorrow!!
  17. aznsmith

    aznsmith Well-Known Member

    hm i thought the rattling was from the vibration motor...maybe the weight on the motor isn't supposed to move when not running.
    i now have a fairly decent amount of dust that's filling the entire screen...i should probably drive the fair distance to get a replacement lol...hopefully it wont have the same problem with one corner of the glass coming out/dust getting in.
  18. ramonini

    ramonini Well-Known Member

    Man I just notice also I have dust . You guys think best buy will change it because of the dust ? It just been few days and dust . Wow
  19. pdragon

    pdragon Well-Known Member

    I'm starting to get a bit of dust under mine as well. But you guys taking them back and exchanging them already are probably going to have this happen again. While HTC support has acknowledged the issues, I highly doubt a new version of the phone with this issue fixed has made it to any retail stores yet. They're probably still selling their first or second shipments of the phone.

    I'm personally going to wait a little longer. It's an acknowledged problem from the manufacturer, so taking it to a Sprint store, no matter where you originally bought it, should get you a new one at any time.

    Either way, if you've got the $69 Everything plan from Sprint (which I would think the majority of Hero users got), you'll qualify as a Premier customer in 3 months which entitles you to an upgrade after only 1 year instead of 22 months. Personally I'm probably just going to wait it out a year and get whatever's available then. Lots of Android phones coming out soon and they'll only get better! :)
  20. watzone69

    watzone69 Well-Known Member

    I don't see any dust but lower left corner of the screen is slightly loose. If I push down on it with a toothpick I can see it move down. The other corners are fine. This is a bit of a disappointing surprise!

    I'm with pdragon on waiting a bit. Why replace it with a phone that still has the same defect?
  21. Tikerz

    Tikerz Member

    I haven't gotten any dust under mine and I checked with an LED flashlight. Mine does have a tiny smudge mark though in the lower left hand corner on the LCD under the glass.
  22. tomemail

    tomemail Well-Known Member

    I just got my replacement today. There is an obvious difference between the screen on my original and the screen on the new. The new one is much more recessed.

    This phone has the same rattle on the upper back of the phone though. Guess that's just a part of the phone.
  23. fivebass52

    fivebass52 Well-Known Member

    I noticed dust under my glass a couple of days ago. It's in the upper lefthand corner mostly, and I'm thinking somehow it is getting in around the speaker grill, or possibly through the earphone jack. Like others in this thread, I'm going to wait awhile longer before turning it in for a new one. I have purchased the insurance as well, so I don't think I'll have a problem no matter what.
  24. ToxicToastKatz

    ToxicToastKatz Well-Known Member

    I believe the camera is what's causing the rattle. I could be mistaken, but I thought I read on here that someone suggested it could be the shutter/autofocus that causes the rattle. They all do it. Doesn't bother me at all.
  25. Mrniceguy

    Mrniceguy Well-Known Member

    Lol i didnt even notice the rattle till i picked my hero up and shook it just now...
    I will be RMA'ing my phone anyway prob to get the Moment

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